Five Things We Learned From Spartak Seven

1 Attack is the best form of defence?

To think I was actually nervous before kick off? After watching us crumble against Sevilla even at half time after three goals went in, I still felt nervous. The Reds though proved that sometimes attack is the best form of defence and boy do we have some attack. 

Some of the link up play between the forwards was stunning let alone the actual goals. It's fair to say that Spartak offered little in attack but why would they when they've had the stuffing knocked out of them?

The confident win puts Liverpool safely into the last 16 and bodes well for our match against Everton at the weekend. 

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2 Coutinho will be missed

A hat-trick for the Brazilian, although his final effort was helped along the way. Earlier this season the folk on Twitter were going mental at Couts, some of them even begging for him to be left to rot on the bench. 

I understood the anger and frustration but you can't leave this man on the bench, he truly is a magician. I just hope he stays the full season instead of going in January. A good tie in the last 16 may convince him???

3 Mane keeping some of the limelight

The limelight has been on Mo Salah for the majority of the season and rightly so but Mane last night proved why attention should be focused on himself too. 

There's a reason I got Sadio on the back of my shirt, because he was destined to have a quality season. His first goal was just superb, can somebody please find me a still of him in the air? I would very much like to frame it haha. 

4 Moreno injury?

I spotted Moreno down but was in the midst of heavily swilling a JD & Coke at the  time and didn't fully see what happened? Next thing I know he's looking very tearful leaving the pitch?

I don't think those tears were due to injury, they looked like they came from frustration. I might not be Moreno's biggest fan at the moment but it is vividly clear that he wants to give his all and try his best for the club. Fingers crossed it's not a bad injury.

5 Big Mo

Well what can you say? He was never not going to score last night. Watching six goals go in he was like "Na I can't be doing with this." 

One thing about Mo too is that he's unselfish, he's constantly looking for the best pass or back heel, in this case, the skilful little minx. I cannot wait to see him score a hat trick against Big Sam's Everton haha!