No More Invincibles

Arsenal Fan TV may have had a bad weekend but at least they can thank the Reds for halting City's chances of creating another team of invincibles. Liverpool at times on Sunday afternoon looked unbeatable themselves and thankfully, despite conceding in quick succession late on, Klopp's side did what no other has done this season and beat Pep Guardiola. 

Mo Salah Manchester City Goal
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A line up that was missing Coutinho for the first time and also had no van Dijk may have struck fear into some fans' minds but I was never in doubt of this victory. Nothing would shake the thought that we could outscore them. I knew we'd concede but with the way City play, so openly, we were certain to find the net multiple times. 

And it was a cracking set of goals from our four attacking stars. 

First up was Oxlade-Chamberlain, the boss has asked him to shoot more and it paid off when he chanced a long-range effort, a great finish put Liverpool 1-0 up after just nine minutes. 

A dominant first half for the Reds was somewhat tainted when Sane found the back of the net just before half time. Some people on Twitter disagreed but for me, it was very poor from the apparent new first choice keeper Karius. To be beaten like that at his near post? But also to choose to try and save with closed fists? Bizarre. 

The second half would produce three stunning goals within a period of ten minutes for Liverpool. City were left absolutely dumbfounded but would eventually regain their footing late on. 

Firmino's goal at 59 minutes was superb. The set up was perfect but the strength he showed to face off Stones was brilliant, then the Brazilian followed up with a stunning finish. 

Next, it was Mane's turn on 61 minutes, not long before he had smashed an effort off the post but his pin perfect rising shot was no match for under pressure Ederson. 3-1.

At this point I was delirious, I knew we'd beat them I just knew it but I never expected such a mad period of play! 

At 68 minutes Salah got on the score sheet (of course he did). This time it was a rare mistake from keeper Ederson who's clearance came back out to Mo, the Egyptian took full advantage of the mistake and lobbed the keeper from long range. Awesome. 

70 minutes passed, even 80 minutes passed and Liverpool had somehow still not conceded another. In part, this was thanks to the magnificent Andy Robertson. I've always been a lover of a good defender and my god does Andy look the part, classic defending of old, just the way he stands up the attacker and times his tackles, it's lovely to watch. He had Raheem Sterling well in his pocket and clearly wound up the ex-Red, add to this the fact he literally closed down the opposition left back at one point and you're on to a winner. 

Liverpool though did concede, twice. We can never make things easy can we? Bernardo Silva netted on 84 minutes and Gundogan followed in extra time. Klopp looked furious but he can't be surprised? This is typical Liverpool but to be honest I don't really care. As long as we get those three points, I'm not arsed how we go about it this season. 

A brilliant game for the fans but also a fantastic spectacle for the neutral. Don't tell me Liverpool aren't exciting to watch.