Real Madrid Await...

Liverpool have made it to their first Champions League final in 11 years. A competition that resonates with the L4 postcode, the Reds should never have been missing for this long. Yes, losing 4-2 isn't exactly the best way to secure your place but Klopp's side had done most of the hard work in the first leg and still managed to put two past a Roma side who hadn't conceded a single goal at home in the Champions League until Wednesday night. 

Image via Independent
Liverpool's first goal was a lovely composed finish by Sadio Mane. Scoring after just nine minutes it was a perfect start for the Reds but it didn't quite take the wind out of the Italian's sails as they were gifted a goal off of James Milner's face shortly afterwards. 
A second goal for the Reds followed at 25 minutes, this time a header from Gini Wijnaldum. He doesn't score often but he deserved the header and it was great to see how much it meant to the midfielder. 

Roma had to wait until the second half for an equaliser, scored by the influential Dzeko. For a while, it then felt as though the pressure had died down. At this stage, Klopp was making subs and we should have coasted to the whistle.

Liverpool though never make things easy do they? It can't ever be straight forward. 

A lovely goal from Nainggolan at 86 minutes was quickly followed by a penalty that he also converted. That was never in a million years a peno but hey, who cares?! 

In typical Liverpool fashion, the Reds went through 7-6 on aggregate and I wouldn't have it any other way. Doing things easily is boring anyway. 

Rampant celebrations from the travelling Kop with Allez Allez Allez ringing around Rome closed out the night.

Real Madrid await. Is it going to be a tough final? No doubt about it. For a neutral it could be a stunning affair, importantly though, the Spaniards have shown they are vulnerable and I honestly think Liverpool can punish. 

Roll on Saturday 26th May!!!