Five Things We Learned From PSG

1) Daniel Sturridge is still a top class striker

Prior to the match having seen the starting line up, I was all over Sturridge to grab Liverpool a goal. So convinced was I that I popped a quid on a Daniel Sturridge 3-1 scorecast (close to winning bloody £35 quid!).

On Twitter though I was met with an interesting reaction, I was being too optimistic with the scoreline, Sturridge would never score etc. I think sometimes fans forget how prolific Sturridge has been in his career, give him an opportunity like a night under the floodlights against PSG and he will make you proud.

I was elated to see him dancing in front of the Kop after a cracking header.

Image via The Times

2) PSG aren’t actually that good?

Supposedly one of the best teams in the world I think PSG put on display some of their weaknesses on Tuesday night. Yes, they have some superstars in the team but they left masses of space for Liverpool to attack and for me lacked in intensity when out of possession.

Their style may work week in, week out in the French league but I’m not so sure it will stand them in good stead in Europe this season.

3) Liverpool are relentless

By contrast, Liverpool are constantly pressing the ball. Klopp’s style of play and training sessions certainly do not go to waste. Whenever a PSG player had the ball there were at least three Liverpool players on his tail.

The Reds never give their opposition time to breathe which can be extremely frustrating for a side like PSG who on any other occasion would probably receive a lot more freedom.

4) Lack of potency from PSG front three

Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani? Ok, so Mbappe eventually got his side what looked certain to be an equaliser but on the whole are they really that potent? I know we had home advantage but when comparing the performances of Mane, Salah and Sturridge to the PSG front three, who came off better?

Even with Mo having a slightly slower night I feel our forwards bring way more to the game compared to the French side’s attacking outfit. I know some strikers just don’t track back but PSG came unstuck at Anfield last night and in part that was down to a lack of effort from their forwards away from goal.

To be victorious in a competition such as the Champions League your whole team has got to be grafting. Leaving your three men up front may work on some occasions but up against the best teams that Europe has to offer? It just isn’t going to cut it. I was very surprised at the lack of impact from the PSG front three and I will be interested to see how they perform in Paris.

5) Roberto Firmino is an absolute legend

Having suffered a terrible eye injury against Spurs at the weekend, it was doubtful Firmino would even feature against PSG. The Brazilian entered play at 72 minutes replacing the brilliant Daniel Sturridge.

Just ten minutes later and Firmino along with the 10 other Reds on the pitch had to watch Mbappe score an apparent equaliser. Liverpool could have stopped the pressing, after all a 2-2 draw with PSG isn’t so bad? Klopp, however, would rarely ever instruct his side to quit and the Reds with the help of Bobby Firmino silenced the travelling French fans who had been loud as hell all night.

Firmino picked up the ball on the right-hand side of the box with just two minutes of injury time left to play. A little cut inside and some true composure while surrounded by PSG defenders allowed the Brazillian to finish with a powerful strike gifting Liverpool an important win.

To top it all off Bobby celebrated with a hand over his injured eye, absolute quality haha!