Five Things We Learned From The Win Over Spurs

1) First time since 1990

Saturday's victory over Spurs at Wembley made it five wins on the bounce for Liverpool. It's the first time the Reds have won five games in a row at the start of the season since 1990.

Jurgen Klopp's side were in complete command for the majority of the game and it could have been 4 or 5-0 at one stage but the Reds lacked a little when it came to the final ball. Despite this, goals from Gini WIjnaldum (confirmed by goal-line technology) and Roberto Firmino were enough for Liverpool to take all three points.

A late surge from Spurs wasn't enough for the home side to take away any points but it was a great goal from a tight angle by Lamela with two minutes of extra time to go.

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2) Selfish strikers, good or bad?

One of the many positives of this Liverpool side is the fact that the goals can come from anywhere. We have an immense front three and if one or even two of them are having a bad day, you are almost guaranteed that the other will score.

A key talking point for me yesterday was Sadio Mane's decision making. I am a massive fan of Sadio but he can sometimes fail to pass when another player is begging for the ball. However, on the flip side, you have to ask yourself, there's a reason Sadio is the top scorer in a red shirt so far this season... sometimes being selfish is a good thing.

On this occasion, those moments where Sadio didn't choose to pass or play in a colleague didn't matter but it will be interesting to see what the fans think if we have a game where decisions like that cost us. It's all about getting a balance I think and for the time being the front three have that harmony sorted.

3) Firmino top class

Firmino was lucky to walk away from yesterday's match with his vision still intact after a nasty accidental collision with Vertonghen's hand, thankfully he was ok. During the time he was on the pitch though Firmino was immense, for a striker he doesn't half put a shift in regaining possession and chasing people down.

His goal was more of right place at the right time but still, he was sniffing around and creating problems in the box during the majority of any Liverpool attacks. Jamie Redknapp debated whether Firmino is the most underrated player in the Premier League and for me, it's a very interesting question.

Firmino may be living slightly in the shadow of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane but in terms of his work rate and the whole package of abilities? He is an absolute asset to the club and I know 100% that both Salah and Mane must be over the moon they have him alongside them in the attack.

4) Joe Gomez a revelation

I've probably already discussed Joe quite a bit on the blog already this season but I couldn't avoid adding him in again today. I can't get over how easily he has regained fitness and form, slotting in next to Virgil van Dijk is a big ask but the youngster has been an absolute revelation since returning to the starting XI.

He put in some very important tackles yesterday at times when Spurs found a bit of a footing and it is clear his positional awareness is strengthening with each match. I am hugely impressed with Joe.

5) Reds still not quite in top gear

Despite all of the positives and the fact that Liverpool have won yet another game, remarkably, most fans including myself, would still not suggest that Liverpool are in top form. 

Some would argue that is a bad thing but for me it's quite the opposite. The fact that the Reds have picked up five wins playing below their best is brilliant and the momentum will hopefully carry us into the Champions League next week.