Reds Pick Up Draw Against City

After all the build-up to this match and judging by the recent meetings between the two sides, not many would have had this one down as a 0-0 draw. In a game where Liverpool looked lacking up front but solid at the back, it was perhaps the right result come 90 minutes, aided by Mahrez's inability to convert from the spot.

Image via The Independent
Both managers will have wanted nothing more than victory in this game at Anfield but as the match unfolded it became clear that both had learnt lessons in how to subdue the attack of the opposition. It's fair to say that Liverpool's front three haven't been as prolific as they were last season but I did feel they would get the space they required against City, it didn't pan out that way though with Mane, Salah and Firmino on the whole being crowded out.

Similarly, the Manchester City attack was coming up against a brick wall in the likes of Lovren and Virgil van Dijk. Lovren in particular apart from a couple of mishaps had a brilliant game in my opinion. Considering several fans were worried when he was named on the team sheet I thought he was solid, on his day, Lovren is a strong defender. Yes, he plays very close to the line and can often find himself in trouble but I can guarantee you, strikers do not like playing against defenders like the Croatian.

For me, Lovren's perfectly timed tackle in the second half was the icing on the cake. Stunning.

Alongside Lovren was Mr van Dijk. The defender has created a huge impact on the Liverpool side since appearing last January and for the majority of the 90 minutes yesterday he instructed his team to see off City and defended well. It is utterly a bizarre feeling as a Liverpool fan to be sat there and able to rely on your defensive performance. Alien.

Unfortunately for the Reds, their defending was somewhat marred when Virgil made a silly decision to take down Sane in the box. For me, Sane was going nowhere, there was no need to stick the foot in but what's done is done.

Mahrez stepped up to take the penalty in what I was certain would turn out to be a dramatic City winner but the ex Leicester man skied his spot kick leaving Klopp and his side relieved to say the least.

It's a weird situation at the moment because I remember saying a few weeks back either on the blog here or on Twitter, if Liverpool can get through this ridiculous run of fixtures into October, we will be in a very strong position. We have made it through those fixtures, we've collected two points against Chelsea and City who look like our major rivals and are joint on points at the top, that can't be a bad thing surely? Of course it is not but the one thing that slightly concerns me is the Reds lack of potency in attack.

Something isn't quite right at the moment, part of me feels as though the linkage between the midfield and strikers isn't as slick as last year. All I know is that Liverpool will at some stage need to get out of first gear and with a run of supposedly easier fixtures, here's hoping Klopp and his team can really kick on now up to Christmas!