Five Things We Learned At The Allianz

1. Sadio Mane is awesome

Mane is my favourite current Liverpool player and has been for a very long time. For me, he's extremely underrated and in the big games (remember the Champions League final last year) he's often one of few that turn-up. 

Yes, he makes mistakes, sometimes provides a poor ball or should pass and doesn't but watch him closely and you will see that consistently Mane is always making things happen. He's an extremely dangerous player who knows exactly where the goal is. 

Image via Liverpool FC
His first goal at the Allianz was just incredible. The first touch and then to completely take out one of the best keepers in the game and finish so calmly? Just stunning. 

Also his second of the night helped me win £100 cause I had Mane 3-1 so if I didn't already love him, I definitely do now... 

2. Don't write off the Reds in Europe 

I had some people telling me "oooo Bayern is a tough game, not sure you'll do it in Germany". Yes, Bayern are a great side but what people seem to forget is that so are we. 

Liverpool have a real European prowess and over two legs I always fancy our chances. The bonus, of course, was that if Liverpool could find an away goal relatively early on that would force Bayern into an uncomfortable position. Matip's own goal was unfortunate but I knew once Liverpool scored we'd see the game out. 

3.Virgil van Dijk, worth every penny 

I mean I'm running out of descriptions for this man he's just immense. Commanding his back four throughout the 90 minutes, he looked furious when we did concede but sensibly snapped back into reality and once again instructed his defence, at 1-1 this was still a benefit to Liverpool more so than Bayern. 

In fairness, the defence had little to deal with on Wednesday night but Virgil also popped up with a goal which also bagged me a tenner! Haha. 

4.Robertson booking unfortunate 

Andy Robertson went in for a challenge late on in the game and before he even got there I was wincing. I am gutted he will miss the quarter-final first leg but as we proved without Virgil in the first leg of this tie, we can cope. 

5.Matip strong aside from the mistake 

I thought it was worth highlighting Matip because away from his error, which to be honest he had to do something about, he was actually having and continued to have a very good game. 

I like Matip but held a few concerns, over recent matches though he seems to have settled right in alongside Virgil! 

The draw is on Friday so let's see who we get!!!