Reds Remain Second

Liverpool could only manage a draw against old foes Everton on Sunday afternoon, meaning the Reds remain second in the table, just a point behind Manchester City. Though, if you spend a few minutes scrolling through Twitter, anyone would think we're 20 points behind, the managers gone AWOL and Salah, Mane and Firmino are all injured...

Don't get me wrong, I felt sick to the stomach towards the end of that match on Sunday. The dawning realisation that Liverpool were in fact now going to stay behind City with nine games to go, it was a hard fact to take. However, if you're going to slate the team at this stage, actually feel it necessary to tweet that the Reds have blown it and there's no hope well what's the point? Were City fans saying that when they dropped points against Newcastle the other week? Far from it.

Image via Sky Sports
Fact is, Liverpool are still well and truly in this title race and if we ever grab hold of that elusive 19th title it is always going to be via an absolute slog, it will never be on a plate five points clear as much as we may dream of it.

For me, people need to calm down a bit. Granted we needed a win but we've drawn on numerous occasions at Goodison in recent seasons and the result shouldn't really be that much of a shock. Liverpool need the fans now more than ever and while everyone is entitled to their opinions I just can't be arsed with these doom-mongers. We're one point off, there's a long way to go, I am convinced City will drop points it's just whether we can keep our nerve.

The match on Sunday was not one to remember for Klopp's side and for me it lacked a bit of innovation in the midfield. Trent and Robbo were making some strong moves on the flanks but through the middle, it was quite lacklustre.

Mo Salah had a brilliant chance to put Liverpool ahead in the first half as he twisted and turned his way into the box, his shot was saved well by Pickford though who redeemed himself after his horrendous mistake in the derby at Anfield. 

Everton grew in confidence as the game continued and for a while I felt as though Liverpool may benefit from the extra spaces being left by the Toffees but we couldn't quite make it count. On the flip side, despite Everton's growing confidence they never really seriously troubled Alisson who had a rather quiet game between the sticks.

It was just another typical frustrating draw and it's such a shame that the Reds have picked up so many of them this season. We've lost just once the whole season yet we find ourselves now chasing down City with destiny out of our own hands. It's not a nice feeling but the Reds along with manager Jurgen Klopp just need to keep their heads, focus on our own games, don't worry about what City are doing, concentrate on winning.

Next up for the Reds is Burnley at Anfield on Sunday, followed by Bayern Munich in the Champions League.