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Frustrating Performance At Stamford Bridge

A frustrating clash at Stamford Bridge for the Red's today resulting in a 2-0 defeat which i don't feel truly reflected Liverpool's attacking force within the game. The away side found themselves pushing for arguably the whole match, we were nothing short of full on pressure. The defence was as solid as i have seen it in a good while and with Masch in the starting line up it was clear that we kept more of the possession throughout the game.

Liverpool made a promising start to the first half piling on the pressure but unfortunately not the chances. We had a few flares most prominently from Riera, Torres and Steven Gerrard. It was a re-run of Fiorentina though with every pop at goal steering clear of the target. Although Liverpool appeared to be having the better first half, Chelsea themselves had their chances, they too were seeing they're efforts dismissed. This game was beginning to have draw written all over it, both teams were cancelling each other out and chances w…