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Festive Fun: Guess The Liverpool Players

Merry Christmas to all my readers out there!

I just thought for a laugh and to get us all into the Christmas spirit i'd make a short and sweet post giving you the chance to have a bit of fun.

Below are ten Liverpool players from past and present but Santa, baubles, stars and all sorts of things have got in the way, can you guess who they are?

To find out the answer simply highlight the sections between the brackets. If you want to see the original photos simply click the link. See how many you can get and let me know how you get on!


To view the answer highlight between ( John Barnes ) me. Link to original.


To view the answer highlight between ( Steve McManaman ). Link to original.

 To view the answer highlight between ( Abel Xavier ) me. Link to original.


To view the answer highlight between ( Ray Clemence ) me. Link to original.


To view the answer highlight between ( Steve Nicol ) me. Link to original.


To view the answer highlight between ( Luis Suarez ) me. Link to o…

Benitez Bingo

So, we all know how the Gaffa likes to shake things up now and again. Sometimes it's just the one player he switches but you can almost guarantee they'll be a change within the starting 11 almost every match.

To capitalize on this I've decided to add everyone's favourite game "Benitez Bingo".

Rules: Each match day on the specific "Benitez Bingo" post add what you think will be the starting 11. Posts must all be made before the official team news is given out.

Rewards: After the official team news has been given out points will be awarded to the person who correctly selected ALL 11 players. I shall award 1 point if you correctly guess a Premier League 11, 2 for a Champions League and 3 points if you guess the correct starting 11 for an FA Cup or League Cup team. I shall keep a tally of points in a scoreboard in the sidebar on my Blog. Can you be the winner by the end of the season?

Game will start on 26th September. Please register your interest below as…