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Special In Depth Wolves Preview

Right folks, i don't know if many of you use the forums on but i do and usually have a right laugh flipping through the posts & pictures, anyways, they do a special feature before each game called "Spyin' Kop".
Basically what happens, a member of the forum offers to volunteer to do the preview, they email a website with opposition fans or ask some fans of the opposition that they already know to answer some generic questions (you can also add your own questions as i did) and then it gives the Liverpool fans a nice insight into how the opposition are feeling in the run up to kick off, who they might field, which Liverpool player they are fearing etc etc.
Without further interuption, here is my attempt, i'll also be doing a regular little match preview probably on Friday but for now... Enjoy!
So after the embarrassing 90minutes endured against Wolves at Anfield last month i think it’s safe to say no Reds are going to want a repeat performanc…