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FA Cup - Why Not Give It A Go?

Liverpool face Reading tomorrow evening in the historic and often overlooked competition of the FA Cup. Often shunned and even laughed at by some fans i feel that the silverware at stake should be given the respect it deserves.

Obviously clubs like ourselves (especially at this moment in time) will have bigger things to think about and the league will always be prioritised but in all fairness to collect the FA Cup is a brilliant achievement.

Although i can totally see why managers often rest players it can sometimes frustrate me, especially if it starts to happen when teams are still in the competition and it is getting nearer to the latter stages.

Bearing all this in mind for tomorrow i would love to see a mixture of players yet a team that has some sort of spine remaining. I.e. Maybe start Pacheco, Darby, Spearing etc etc but leave Carragher in at the back, Gerrard and maybe Kuyt. Just to keep some solidarity there and so that we still have the experience on the field to go out and pro…