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It Felt Like A Loss

Right just to clear this up before i go on with my comments etc, due to being at work when the match was on my only view of it was from a television which was pretty far away, also with no sound and although i saw pretty much the whole match i was not able to watch it as intently as i usually would due to having to serve customers at the same time. Also, i would usually watch the analysis on MOTD, but i was celebrating me fella's and a mates birthday last night so missed that too.
I managed to catch, which were as far as i am aware the three main moments for Liverpool, the Lucas booking, the Kyrgiakos goal and the Kuyt chance right at the end. I also saw Huth's goal clearly. What i did miss however was a lot of Maxi Rodriguez, i saw him brought on in place of Degen but did not manage to catch enough of his performance to make a personal comment.
Right so Benitez fielded a strong XI under the circumstances. He also gave a chance for Kyrgiakos to make an impact on the first team. …