Fiorentina Preview

Fiorentina tomorrow in the Champions League and for me this is an interesting fixture. Fiorentina in my opinion are the hardest opposition in the group although alot of people seem to differ from my opinion and feel as though Lyon will be more of a threat, either way, this one isn't going to be a walk in the park.

Fiorentina's last 6 matches has seen them win four, draw 1 and lose 1. Fiorentina have not won a home game in the Champions League since March 2000. Hold your horses! This fact is true but when you consider the sides absence from the competition you realise this is not a real reflection of things to come.

A somewhat worrying stat i dug out this morning is that if you look at Fiorentina's UEFA Cup (now Europa League) stats they have never lost at home to English opposition. A very strong side at home it seems so can we break them down?

So what do we have to back up our chances? Well our last 4 visits to Italian opposition in general have seen us not concede a single goal. Am i not the only one here thinking that this could change after the Premier League start? Atleast we can laugh about it at the moment, let's just keep grinding out the results.

Liverpool can also proudly announce that they have not lost any of their last 5 games in the Champions League away from home. And finally the Red's have scored atleast 1 goal in the last 21 CL meetings they have been involved in.

So with this skirting around the edges of the opposition and a re-cap on some stats that we all know my prediction today is going to be 3-1.

I'm not sure if you have noticed but I'm not the best at score predicting. Not one right as of yet, i get the right idea of what to expect from the game but never get the score right. I know you can all do better! Please feel free to add you prediction to the poll in the side bar.
You're guess is as good as mine, infact no, it's better!