Liverpool V Hull

We welcome Phil Brown and his lads down to Anfield today. It is no secret that Hull are in a very bad place at the moment, they have not won away from home since March the 4th, they last won at home against Bolton.

They haven't scored more then one goal in 20 consecutive matches compared to a Liverpool team that has scored in all of their last 17 premier league games. Last season however as we all know Hull were one of the teams that caused that dreaded draw, one of which added to the slipping of the title out of our hands. I don't think this will be the case today, Hull were a far stronger team at that time last season.

We have met Hull 8 times in the league, winning 6 and drawing the remaining two.

My prediction - 2-0.

In other news Fiorentina have agreed to remove fencing surrounding the area of the ground in which the travelling fans will be staying during the European match next week. Fiorentina have also made a fan zone near to the stadium where free refreshments are available, there is also a bus to take fans to and from the ground. I think that it is excellent that clubs and grounds like this are co-operating so well and they are obviously becoming more educated about the dangers of football stadiums & overcrowding.

Also in the news, Aquilani is back in light training... and boy am i at my most impatient now. It's so close before he starts i just can't wait. I have alot of faith riding in his ability so i just hope he can prove me right. Here are some pictures courtesy of;

And finally, it seems my Benitez Bingo idea hasn't gone down so well. My blog is still very new and I'm beginning to realise that it's taking longer than i first expected to create enough traffic. I shall put "Benitez Bingo" into the cupboard for the time being, the game can be started whenever really so if anyone is still interested please just leave a comment or get in touch with me via the Twitter page etc. But failing that i shall keep my fingers crossed and hope that more fans start stopping by and then it can be feasible to begin the game and create a scoreboard. Thanks again.