Rafa Reaches 300

For the Debreceni game on Wednesday night Rafael Benitez will reach a huge 300 games of management over the Red's. One of only eight managers in the clubs history to do so. Due to this milestone the statistics have been dragged up and i must say if you didn't already know, they are pretty impressive on Rafa's part.

On a time scale of 300 games in charge:

Dalglish = 61%

Paisley = 57%

Benitez = 57%

Shankly =52%

Houllier = 51%

Watson = 44%

Kay = 40%

Patterson = 37%

In all fairness to Mr.Benitez and some of the fans who find him not quite their cup of tea, you can't argue with that stat, he's up there with the greats. Better than Shankly and level with Paisley, we all know this will never put him on a par with these men after what they did by changing the club and making it great but this stat is one of the only "facts" excuse the pun, that can boost confidence into those that doubt him. Compare this fact to a certain Mr.Ferguson from across the concrete pond and you'll find a win percentage of 59%, obviously this is from his whole time at Manchester United but just looking at that makes you realise what Rafa is doing is a point in the right direction. We can also compare Rafa's current 57% to Arsene Wenger's current 57% again this is from his whole time at the club. Rafa is in a great position here to create a positive reaction or a negative one, and we all know what he needs to do so; time. Here's to the next 100 games and the next percentage.