Can We Compose Ourselves For Chelsea?

After Tuesday nights result from Italy you'd be fooled to not be left feeling deflated. So assuming the lads are feeling this way too, off the back of a confidence knock can we turn it around at Stamford Bridge?

Stamford Bridge has always been looked at as one of the most difficult grounds to go to within the Premier League, but is anyone up for a history lesson? Because I'm sure you haven't forgot.

Let's roll back to October 2008. Liverpool face a trip down South to the blue fortress of Chelsea, a team that had not been beaten at home since February 2004! I remember every critic and pundit in the land not even allowing us a glimmer of hope today, not only because of this daunting record but we were also missing the main man; Fernando Torres would NOT start the game. The pundits were in their element, aside from a very frustrated Phil Thompson who would try his best to make his claim that Liverpool did infact have some sort of a chance. To be honest, he wasn't fooling anyone, even the most optimistic fan as i like to consider myself as would have looked at the facts and been over the moon if the game ended in a draw.

Step up Xabi Alonso, 10 minutes in and the midfield magician scores the only goal of the match, Liverpool even though it was just the one goal were talked about in newspapers, online and on TV. They were truly playing up to a brilliant standard. Critics were shocked and the phrase "shove that in your Chelsea unbeaten run pipe and smoke it" came to the lips of many an ecstatic Liverpool fan. The lads had smashed an unbeaten record of arguably one of the best teams in football, and from then on Stamford Bridge was no longer regarded as such a "fortress".

So, can anyone remember the game before this match? The one that vaguely links the situation were in for Sunday's fixture? It was a rather challenging away tie to Senor Torres' old team: Athletico Madrid, although we played well during the match we came away with a draw, the team couldn't help but feel they deserved more so how did they resolve this? By turning things around at one of the biggest fixtures in the league. OK so this time it's a full on defeat, and this time we can't really say that we played well against Fiorentina but Liverpool as a club seem to respond very well to pressure, it's almost as if sometimes we require a set back to go out there and play like the Liverpool we all know and love. I for one am rared up for the Chelsea match this weekend and if Chelsea take any comfort from the fact we are visiting on the back of a defeat then they should prepare to bite they're own lips.

Do you have any views on the upcoming game at Stamford Bridge?
Do you agree that sometimes Liverpool appear spurred on by defeat and let down?
Do you have a tip for first goalscorer?
Do you feel confident? Win? Draw? Lose?