The Rafa Debate

Is he actually the managerial version of Marmite at this point in time? Because it truly does seem "you either love him or you hate him". Time and time again i have voiced my opinion on the matter and it seems alot of fans have very different views on the Gaffa. I've been reading some articles again this week on the Boss and Gilett and Hicks, just the general "Liverpool have lost three games let's dig up the dirt and cause a panic" nonsense. Upon doing this i stumbled across several interesting articles namely this piece from the Times Online which I'm sure you would find a good read.

What struck me the most was infact a comment left by a Manchester United fan, and fair play to the lad, it made sense. He went on to say;

Rafa was only put in charge of transfers this year, so you can't blame him for the many failed ones before. Besides, the only ones remaining from when he took over are Gerrard and Carragher, two of the better players. Getting rid of the horror show that Houllier put together took time and wasn't all down to him.

This is all coming from a United fan. I'm more wary of Liverpool under Rafa than I have been at any point in the recent past. You would be stupid to get rid of him at this point. After all, Fergie wasn't successful for several years after he got fired, and look what he has done.

Something we all know but just the fact that a United fan has owned up to actually feeling weary of Liverpool says alot more than most people think. As Liverpool fans some of us are questioning the status and ability of the manager yet at the same time the opposition are still in fear. Ok, so there is every chance this comment is not sincere, maybe it is a wind up, but it makes you stop and think genuinely what are the opposition feeling? Do they respect Rafael Benitez as a manager? Do they like his tactics? The way he handles transfers? So with this in mind what i am going to do is create topics on several football forums and attempt to collect fans views on the Spaniard, Liverpool fans, Celtic fans, Everton Fans, United fans, AC Milan fans, anything, the whole shaboodle, the more diverse the better and then present the thoughts that i gather in a later post.

I sometimes feel that as a Liverpool fan our views and opinions are slightly rose tinted, as a new blog writer i have completely had to become as un-bias as possible, a few months back if i were to speak or comment about anything Liverpool i was right and that was it, no maneuvering on the situation. This is exactly why i started this blog, opinions, views and banter are now exactly what i want. So are you somebody who feels it's time for a change in management? Are you a full-time Rafa supporter? Were you once on his side but now feel he has been given enough time? Please feel free to leave your comments and lets get some discussion going.