How To Make A Memorable European Night

Two kick offs at the same time.
A list of injuries.
A run of bad results.
An atmospheric stadium.
An unhealthy reliance on another result.

Anyone who is not looking forward to the game in Hungary tomorrow night must be mental. Even though this could spell out a nightmare for Liverpool the sheer roller coaster ride of the combination of getting our result and praying that the other result will come in is going to be phenomenal.

The same as several seasons gone by, we find ourselves needing a miracle to progress past the group stages. And just like in 2005 when Olympiakos came to Anfield, the right results tomorrow night could lead to an epic European clash against Fiorentina.

Debrecen have lost all 4 games they have played in the Champion's League. They have scored 5 goals, all against Fiorentina on two separate occasions.
The task is made harder for Debrecen as they do not play their Champion's League home games at their actual home ground, this is due to it being unsatisfactory by UEFA standards. They play their home games instead at "The Ferenc Puskas Stadium" a massive 141 miles away from their usual playing grounds. This will always have an effect on a home side, and a positive effect on the visitors.

Make no mistake though the stadium should still provide a heated atmosphere and with the travelling fans adding their own heat it should add it's own elements to the match.

Injuries are still rife at the moment although things are looking up for tomorrow's clash as Riera, Benayoun and Aurelio are all expected to again be available after the miracle horse placenta continues to do it's trick. Also Johnson is expected to travel with the boy's and as we know Gerrard is well and truly back. Torres however it appears will not feature, he is rested and will be attempting to recover in time for the Merseyside derby on the weekend.

So again this fixture is "winnable" for a fairly strong Liverpool side, but after recent results i for one am not expecting this to be easy. Even if we do create a lead, we need to keep it or nail it home and bang in another! Debrecen can score and as we all know a draw spells the end of our Champion's League.

Not only this but following a favoured result on our part we are still relying on Fiorentina to lose or draw. A loss being the better option but we will take anything!

Lyon are a good side and despite the game being played in Italy i feel a draw is very feasible, i just hope it comes to fruition.

So there we have it, another night as a Liverpool fan that you will never forget, win, lose or draw. I just pray that we can firstly get the result we want and that Lyon can do us a massive favour because who doesn't want to see Liverpool - Fiorentina at a crammed Anfield on a European night?