Viola Grace The Red Of Anfield Tomorrow Night

So Liverpool face Fiorentina at Anfield tomorrow in a match that could have meant so much but will in fact be almost meaningless. After Fiorentina themselves caused Liverpool's run in the Champions League to come to an abrupt end the match will not be one of those famous European nights at Anfield.

On the plus side the match will provide an opportunity to see some of the less frequently used players in the squad. It has also been revealed that Aquilani will start the game, see Rafa's quotes here. Fernando Torres is also set to be on the bench so hopefully our star man will feature at some point and be available for the Arsenal game on the weekend.There will also be a big protest via chants, banners and fans showing their frustration with the two Yanks upstairs as Spirit Of Shankly will be using this match to pin point what the majority of the fan base feels.

Stat Sandwich:
  • Liverpool go into this game on the back of a 6 match unbeaten run.
  • Liverpool have never lost two games at home in the same European competition in the same season.
  • If Fiorentina win on Wednesday it will guarantee that they will top the group, they have never done this in the Champions League before.
With a very relaxed situtation in terms of the result it should be a very experimental side put out by Benitez but we should still go out with the right mentality and the want to win the game. Ok so "it doesn't matter" but this is not the point, this could be the perfect fixture for players like N'Gog to build even more on their skill and confidence, whilst Aquilani has a chance to hit the ground running. Spearing if he features could also use this fixture as vital experience and there is no question that this game will provide valid lessons for youngsters and fringe players.

Fiorentina however will also want the victory because it will ensure their top spot in the group which will add benefits to their progress in the Champions League.

With all of this in mind it should still be a very interesting match tomorrow at Anfield and certainly not one to miss.

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