Britannia Could Be Brutal

With the rather pitiful defeat to Reading midweek, the re-immersion of calling for Rafa's head, injuries to Torres, Gerrard and Benayoun, Ryan Babel stirring on Twitter, countless articles highlighting our terrible run of results, papers bigging up talk that we will "do a Leeds" and almost every member of the Liverpool faithful struggling to find an upside to this downward spiral, the trip to Stoke is not exactly looking to be a lifeline.

The Britannia Stadium for a starters is not a nice place to go, one of the noisiest grounds in the country, Stoke fans with their own chants and no doubt jibes for the Liverpool side will be in their element at kick off on Saturday.

With an injury list full with key players, it makes you wonder whether we can pull off a win with such a different looking side.

However, to try and look at things positively, Mascherano is back from suspension, Aquilani will no doubt be given another chance to impress, Maxi Rodriguez has been named in the squad, chances may be given to the likes of Pacheco and Reina looks set to return after picking up a slight knock.

In some sort of very strange way, perhaps this new feel to the squad, without Gerrard and without Torres could provide a breath of fresh air to the season. You get the feeling that without the two main men on the pitch, the others will not feel as pressurised, being able to relax in your football can provide great things, i just hope this is what will happen tomorrow.

Stoke do not have many injury worries and news this morning about them pulling out of a deal to sign Portsmouth and ex Liverpool keeper : David James will be music to Liverpool fans ears.

Tony Pulis has also spoke out this morning warning Stoke that Liverpool are fully capable of a backlash. He also pointed out that he feels Rafa has been very unlucky:
"Rafa has been very unfortunate with injuries this season. He's been unfortunate that even when those players have been playing they haven't been at 110 percent like they were last year."
It is nice to see a manager who at least understands the ins and outs of Rafa's current situation and shows the man respect.

I can't even begin to predict what the scoreline will be, because i simply do not know.

If I'm honest I'm not looking forward to watching this game, not only because anything could happen but i am in fact at work, so i shall be having to watch the game in the boardroom at Molineux whilst taking bets and trying to be polite to customers who on this day i won't really want to be talking to.

Roll on being taken the mick out of and constantly being distracted from the game. Ugh.

There has to be an upside to this season eventually? Surely to God.