Let's Hope It's More Entertaining Than Last Time

Football - Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers Barclays Premier League

Liverpool will face Blackburn tomorrow in another Sunday fixture, these are set to become more prominent as we continue our run in the Europa League.

Our last meeting with Blackburn earlier in the season ended in a rather disappointing 0-0 draw. So there is no doubt Liverpool will be looking to improve on the previous outcome.

We currently sit 6th with a tally of 45 points. Tottenham are to face Everton tomorrow, Villa will not be playing a Premier League fixture this weekend due to their League Cup Final clash with Manchester United.

After Manchester City managed to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge today 4-2 that leaves us slightly on the back foot. However, providing we can get a win that will see us just the one point behind City.

In all honesty, looking at our recent results and the fact that we are at home for this clash, you have to feel quite confident against Sam Allardyce's Blackburn side.

Allardyce appears confident that Blackburn can somehow capitalize on Liverpool's "fatigue" from our European excursions.

Fatigue? It's clear he wanted to look confident in front of the press and being "Big Sam" god forbid him looking worried.

We'll see who's "fatigued" tomorrow shall we, i know where I'll be looking... The Blackburn dugout.

Liverpool injury wise are still without Johnson, although he is looking good in training and it should not be too long until we see him back. We are also without Skrtel after the injury he sustained against Unirea Urziceni on Thursday night.

This proposes some questions for the line up Benitez shall choose, a lot of people are thinking maybe Kelly will make the start and as much as i would like to see him play I'm thinking maybe Rafa will opt to give Degen another run out at right back for this one.

Hopefully we shall see the ace of Spain back up top tomorrow and with a bit of luck we can see a few goals.

My prediction for this one is 2-1, not so sure whether Blackburn will be able to pinch one but feel they may be capable with us having to field a slightly altered defence. With Benayoun & Torres back, plus Gerrard having scored mid week, i reckon we can get a few in the net.