Looking Into A Mirror?

As far as worst case scenarios go, Liverpool comparing their current financial situation to Pompey's current off field crisis would be top of my list, but as ludicrous as the idea is, it's not as far fetched as it it sounds.

I'm sure you are all aware of the two clowns currently in the hot seat of "running" our club, without going into facts and figures, it is Tom Hicks and George Gillett who are the reason we find ourselves so cash strapped and the reason why Rafael Benitez is forced to play his best negotiating skills in the transfer market, constantly having to sell to buy.

Not forgetting that (as far as i am aware) our current finance structure is built on a system that assumes qualification into the Champions League i.e. 4th spot. In the current realisation that finishing in 5th or even worse is highly possible who knows what the next step would be for our struggling football club. There is a fantastic article relating to this written by Paul Tomkins (Twitter: @paul_tomkins) which you can read here.

Turning all this negativity on its head though are a revitalised and fighting Portsmouth. A club who have nothing to lose, they either go for it, all out, or nothing.

After continuing their run in the FA Cup and collecting some good results from teams around them, along with their clear ambition within every game, Portsmouth could prove a horrible stumbling block for Liverpool just as Wigan did one week ago.

No one will forget either, as much as they may wish to, the shocking defeat to Portsmouth that Liverpool suffered back in December. Again, Liverpool could not complain, in all honesty, the Southerners deserved the 3 points and Portsmouth will be quick to realise that they have in fact beaten the Reds this season, bring their A game to the plate at Anfield tomorrow night and they may well be able to cause a similar upset.

Liverpool are still without injured Fabio Aurelio and Martin Skrtel. Yossi Benayoun will be subject to a late fitness test after he picked up an ankle injury in the Wigan fixture.

Whatever side is fielded tomorrow, whether it involves Aquilani or not, whether Babel starts or not, whether Gerrard starts in midfield or sitting off Torres. Fact is, it does not matter, any XI Rafa fields is fully capable of collecting 3 points, at Anfield, against Portsmouth.

What is required is 110% from everyone on the pitch. I don't want a re-run of what happened against Wigan, a sense of, they've scored, we're not up to it, i can't be bothered.

The fans will already be nervy as it is, i can imagine that the atmosphere at Anfield will be subdued, i just pray that the team don't give the moaners something to moan about.

A win here is the only option, following this we face Manchester United, a game we always want to come out of on top, but even more so when 3 points are becoming more and more precious in the top 4 battle.