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Food 4 Thought

Aquilani relished his first Liverpool goal.
Just as we thought our ship was about to sink, captain Steven Gerrard and the rest of the boys pulled something special out of the bag last night against a team fighting for their life in the Premier League. But is this a sign of things to come or just a one off result?

Many people will quickly jump to the old "oh well it was only Portsmouth" but as Liverpool fans we all know how much that victory meant. We all know how valuable those 3 points were and we all know after being beaten by Portsmouth earlier on in the season, this was no fluke.
It was an early goal from Fernando Torres that started off the Liverpool rout.
When Steven Gerrard closed down Pompey keeper Jamie Ashdown, i don't think anyone was expecting the last ditch attempt to be fruitful, however when Gerrard managed get a foot to the clearance, the ball kindly fell to Maxi Rodriguez, he kept himself composed and swept the ball to our number 9 who put the ball in the b…

Looking Into A Mirror?

As far as worst case scenarios go, Liverpool comparing their current financial situation to Pompey's current off field crisis would be top of my list, but as ludicrous as the idea is, it's not as far fetched as it it sounds.
I'm sure you are all aware of the two clowns currently in the hot seat of "running" our club, without going into facts and figures, it is Tom Hicks and George Gillett who are the reason we find ourselves so cash strapped and the reason why Rafael Benitez is forced to play his best negotiating skills in the transfer market, constantly having to sell to buy.
Not forgetting that (as far as i am aware) our current finance structure is built on a system that assumes qualification into the Champions League i.e. 4th spot. In the current realisation that finishing in 5th or even worse is highly possible who knows what the next step would be for our struggling football club. There is a fantastic article relating to this written by Paul Tomkins (Twitter:…

Bad Performance, Bad Result And A Bad Reaction From Some Fans

I'm afraid this match report is going to probably appear very negative and low, even being one of the most optimistic fans myself, i struggled dearly to find any real positives from Saturday's clash at Fratton Park. It was quite possibly the worst i have ever seen us play but despite this, i still refuse to jump on a band wagon filled with mostly a deluded fan who is following other peoples train of thought just because at the time, it seemed correct.

We all know the situation with Benitez and we all know as fans that there will always be a difference of opinion but time after time after time there is ALWAYS a select few who bash the manager after a poor result, no real reason or points, they just cause a knee jerk reaction, this then snowballs and many fans who do not take time to think are switched inadvertently to the "Rafa out" way of thinking.

Now don't get me wrong, i have no problem with a fan that can wholeheartedly explain in a calm manner why they do not …


Next on the fixture list for Liverpool this year is Portsmouth, with new manager Avram Grant, Pompey do appear to be on the up albeit slightly, still Liverpool must look at this as a fantastic opportunity to finally go on some sort of a winning run. With Wolves next up at Anfield this is a brilliant chance for the lads to gain some ground.
Liverpool are still without the options of Martin Kelly, Nabil El Zhar and Ryan Babel. However Albert Riera and Glen Johnson will both be subject to late fitness tests. Hopefully this will come good and will provide greater choice for Benitez on Saturday.
Portsmouth's recent form does not make excellent reading but when you take into consideration that within these 5 fixtures they have played Chelsea, Villa and Manchester United, it doesn't seem so bad - LLWDL. Althoguh they lost to Chelsea on Wednesday, in all fairness they had alot of the ball and alot of the attack, they could have won it if it wasn't for a bad tackle on Ivanovic which …