Purslow, Hodgson, Hunt (Not Roger) & Help Save Liverpool FC

One day this will be mine... Alllll miiiinee muhahahahaha!
(I swear he's a Bond villain.)

After some slow weeks in terms of news for blog posts due to the majority of the Liverpool team being away on world cup duty and the managerial position still being a no go, this week there have been a few interesting points i'd like to highlight and i also want to just push you towards a fantastic idea and opportunity to show how you are against Hicks, Gillett, Purslow... In fact show how you are against the whole damn shambles of how our great club is being run.

To start off with Christian Purslow, who is already at the bottom of most peoples christmas card list has made things a lot worse for himself this week after popular Liverpool fans forum Red And White Kop (RAWK) was contacted by lawyers acting on behalf of Mr.Purslow. He was said to be unhappy with the personal information (more likely the harsh - but fair, comments from some forum members) that was contained in the forums.

I'm not quite sure who he thinks he is but it comes to a new low when you send a legal team to target an independent Liverpool supporters forum, he's already dropping friends like flies, how on gods green earth did he think this would help his case? And as RAWK have pointed out the information posted that was said to be personal is freely available from an internet search.

You can read a bit more on this story here & here.

Next up, those famous "we believe" comments are coming from the likes of the BBC this morning already on the news bulletins i have seen two presenters say that the BBC are led to believe that Roy Hodgson will be made Liverpool manager within 48 hours.

Roy has been a favourite in the race for the Anfield job for a good while and although i have no doubt that he is a fantastic manager i do have my concerns about his appointment, perhaps for a later post should he be appointed. No matter what though, we all must get right behind him because he is walking into a very difficult situation and a tough task, whilst he's at it i wouldn't say no to him bringing along Danny Murphy & Clint Dempsey, even if they do just sit on the bench.

You can read the BBC story here.

Thirdly we have a case of sheer ignorance from a man who is arguably sitting in one of the most important seats in sport. Jeremy Hunt the Conservative Secretary Of State For Sport made an unholy blunder yesterday after comparing Hillsborough as a similar circumstance to Heysel in an interview. Any football fan knows that Heysel may have been down to unruly fans but Hillsborough was nothing of the sort, to say such a despicable thing and almost glide it off the tongue as if it didn't matter and from a man who should be clued up on his area of work is disgraceful.

Shortly after Mr. Jeremy Hunt did apologise on his blog here and he also wrote an open letter to The Liverpool Echo here . Fair play to the man for having the guts to come out and apologise but i think it is pretty safe to say that the damage has already been done.

And to end on...

Pretty certain that a lot of you folks who read my blog are also Twitterers and if you are you will have no doubt come across the Save Liverpool FC campaign (@saveliverpoolfc). They are working hard to get a website up and running but have been grafting to get the message out on Facebook (here) too.

The king pin of their many ideas at the moment though is quite simply an excellent notion.

Kit Nelson who many people know for his artwork on deviant art as (Kitster29) has created a fantastic alternative kit design for Liverpool fans.

LFC alternative strip by *kitster29 on deviantART

Within the next month or so the shirt should be available to purchase online. I for one have decided that the money i was saving up and then going to keep aside until the Yanks had gone (bearing in mind this could have been another year) to buy the new away shirt would be put to better use by purchasing this alternative strip.

Not only will i be making my position clear on the owners and the way the club is being run but i will still be supporting MY CLUB and MY TEAM whilst those suits upstairs continue to drag us through the mud.

I think the design is superb and with a reasonable price tag i think it is a cracking idea and just hope that some of you get behind it too.