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Standards Corrupted

Yes that's right folks, there is no better way to describe it, Liverpool FC's standards have been corrupted. Why? By whom you say? Well look no further than Mr George Gillett and Mr Tom Hicks, wherever they may be at this moment in time, point is, they just don't care.
The financial abyss that these two supposedly "trustworthy" custodians of our club have got us into is now beyond descriptive paragraphs. I shan't sit here and try to spurt out facts and figures because we've all read the articles, the paperwork, the lies.
I for one for these reasons, along with many others am finding it extremely difficult to justify why i should fork out nearly £50 from money i haven't really even got to get me a nice brand spanking new Liverpool shirt this season.
Firstly, it makes me sick to the stomach knowing i am funding the parasites rampage. Secondly, when we all have a long hard think about it, doesn't it make you realise how bloody expensive football shirts …

Purslow, Hodgson, Hunt (Not Roger) & Help Save Liverpool FC

One day this will be mine... Alllll miiiinee muhahahahaha! (I swear he's a Bond villain.)

After some slow weeks in terms of news for blog posts due to the majority of the Liverpool team being away on world cup duty and the managerial position still being a no go, this week there have been a few interesting points i'd like to highlight and i also want to just push you towards a fantastic idea and opportunity to show how you are against Hicks, Gillett, Purslow... In fact show how you are against the whole damn shambles of how our great club is being run.
To start off with Christian Purslow, who is already at the bottom of most peoples christmas card list has made things a lot worse for himself this week after popular Liverpool fans forum Red And White Kop (RAWK) was contacted by lawyers acting on behalf of Mr.Purslow. He was said to be unhappy with the personal information (more likely the harsh - but fair, comments from some forum members) that was contained in the forums.
I'm …