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Liverpool Remain In Relegation Zone As Pressure Rises For Roy

No. It's not a dream folks, Liverpool after 7 games are in the relegation zone. Perched in the very undesirable 18th position above Wolves and West Ham with just 6 points despite having played beatable opposition in terms of Birmingham, Sunderland and now Blackpool.
Fernando Torres leaving the field spelt bad news for the Reds from the start but the lack of heart from the players, the unworkable set up from Roy, not to mention his forced move to use Carragher as a left back meant Liverpool in the end didn't deserve to win. Blackpool played well and i think it's important that we don't just highlight our poor display but give them credit.
Roy's XI was a bit of a mixture this time, as mentioned with all out natural left backs injured and usual recovery man Agger also out, he opted to push Carragher out to the left. Glen Johnson was on the right with Skrtel and Kyrgiakos in the centre and Reina in goal.
Midfield was made up of Meireles on the right (?…

Clash Of The Titans

Just never stops being funny does it?! Hahaha!...
So once again we're here folks. The excitement, the nerves, the bubbling hatred for the likes of Gary Neville and Farty Fergie's extra chewing gob.
This kind of feeling only tends to come around twice a year and as much as it brings out the worst in me i can't help but absolutely love it. This is what football is all about, the banter, the biggest clubs and the memorable clash of world class players going all out against each other.
Of course tomorrow evening i could be in a total different state of mind, quite possibly depressed... But this is the roller-coaster ride that we all have tickets for due to being a Liverpool fan.
Liverpool are again still without regular members in this head to head - Dirk Kuyt & Fabio Aurelio. The lack of some experience could possibly be detrimental to the Reds but with Joe Cole back from his ban and having made a great performance on Thursday along with rested Gerrard, Carragher and Torres,…

Standards Corrupted

Yes that's right folks, there is no better way to describe it, Liverpool FC's standards have been corrupted. Why? By whom you say? Well look no further than Mr George Gillett and Mr Tom Hicks, wherever they may be at this moment in time, point is, they just don't care.
The financial abyss that these two supposedly "trustworthy" custodians of our club have got us into is now beyond descriptive paragraphs. I shan't sit here and try to spurt out facts and figures because we've all read the articles, the paperwork, the lies.
I for one for these reasons, along with many others am finding it extremely difficult to justify why i should fork out nearly £50 from money i haven't really even got to get me a nice brand spanking new Liverpool shirt this season.
Firstly, it makes me sick to the stomach knowing i am funding the parasites rampage. Secondly, when we all have a long hard think about it, doesn't it make you realise how bloody expensive football shirts …