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Boxing Day At Blackpool

If the match is off i say we all throw snowballs at Gary Neville...
Liverpool's Boxing Day trip to Blackpool may be off before we've even thought of who's going to be in the starting line up. Blackpool are the only Premier League club who don't have under soil heating. With well equipped grounds in the country already struggling to cope it's looking doubtful that Blackpool's pitch and surrounding areas will be usable/safe.
For this reason this match preview is going to be ridiculously short (yes that's right even shorter than usual! haha) although fingers crossed the game actually goes ahead.
Liverpool still have injuries to Carragher, Agger and Spearing. Captain Steven Gerrard was believed to be making his return against Fulham but after the match was postponed this still remains a mystery. Should the game go ahead on Boxing Day though you would like to think the number 8 will start.
Blackpool are holding out ok concerning injuries with their main men still av…

Liverpool Remain In Relegation Zone As Pressure Rises For Roy

No. It's not a dream folks, Liverpool after 7 games are in the relegation zone. Perched in the very undesirable 18th position above Wolves and West Ham with just 6 points despite having played beatable opposition in terms of Birmingham, Sunderland and now Blackpool.
Fernando Torres leaving the field spelt bad news for the Reds from the start but the lack of heart from the players, the unworkable set up from Roy, not to mention his forced move to use Carragher as a left back meant Liverpool in the end didn't deserve to win. Blackpool played well and i think it's important that we don't just highlight our poor display but give them credit.
Roy's XI was a bit of a mixture this time, as mentioned with all out natural left backs injured and usual recovery man Agger also out, he opted to push Carragher out to the left. Glen Johnson was on the right with Skrtel and Kyrgiakos in the centre and Reina in goal.
Midfield was made up of Meireles on the right (?…