Liverpool Remain In Relegation Zone As Pressure Rises For Roy

Mr George Gillett and Tom Hicks Co Chairman share a joke before the start of the Match Liverpool 2008/09 Liverpool V Arsenal (4-4) 21/04/09 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International

No. It's not a dream folks, Liverpool after 7 games are in the relegation zone. Perched in the very undesirable 18th position above Wolves and West Ham with just 6 points despite having played beatable opposition in terms of Birmingham, Sunderland and now Blackpool.

Fernando Torres leaving the field spelt bad news for the Reds from the start but the lack of heart from the players, the unworkable set up from Roy, not to mention his forced move to use Carragher as a left back meant Liverpool in the end didn't deserve to win. Blackpool played well and i think it's important that we don't just highlight our poor display but give them credit.

Roy's XI was a bit of a mixture this time, as mentioned with all out natural left backs injured and usual recovery man Agger also out, he opted to push Carragher out to the left. Glen Johnson was on the right with Skrtel and Kyrgiakos in the centre and Reina in goal.

Midfield was made up of Meireles on the right (?), Joe Cole on the left, Gerrard and Poulsen in the middle with Kuyt in a position just off Torres. Torres of course only made it to 8 or 9minutes and was replaced with David Ngog.

Liverpool's first half was similar to several so far in this Premier League season, slow, lack of chances, just silly mistakes leading to loss of possession. We did get in some attempts namely a blocked chance from Joe Cole and Dirk Kuyt but in all fairness we weren't doing enough to take the lead.

Blackpool however on the opposite end of the scale, where Liverpool faltered in passing and movement, Blackpool were on the money first half. And again in contrast to Liverpool, they had just the one decent chance but it was their determination and constant threat in the final third that lead to their first goal.

A poor, mistimed and frankly stupid tackle from Glen Johnson meant the Seasiders had themselves a penalty. Charlie Adam's shot was almost stopped by an aggravated Pepe Reina but the Spaniard couldn't prevent Blackpool from getting on the score sheet.

By now i was worrying, the prediction made in my match preview about the game having a strange aura about it and Liverpool perhaps being subject to a kick in the teeth... Well for once i was being proven right. Shame it doesn't work that way with my score predictions!

Liverpool couldn't seem to change their fortunes as the players continued to dot around the pitch showing no real passion. Pepe Reina was called into action twice in quick succession at one stage when he had to make two saves after a Crainey and Campbell shot.

Blackpool got their second on the stroke of half time and it was clear the defence were more concerned with their half time Lucozades and Jaffa Cakes rather than an imposing Luke Varney. The player who was taken down by Johnson for their earlier penalty sent Blackpool 2-0 up. Reina again frustratingly got something on it but it wasn't enough to stop the inevitable.

Blackpool were all over us the first 45minutes, even if that Luke Varney goal hadn't of gone in, i wasn't fancying our chances in the second half.

It was clear the set up wasn't working. Roy's option to field Merieles on the right was a big mistake, despite the lad showing flashes it was clear he was struggling in an unfavoured position.

Carragher through no real fault of his own was having a nightmare on the left although a world first shocked the hell out of me when the commentator said the words "Carragher" & "Offside" in the same sentence!

"Any further up and he'll be getting a nose bleed." As my fella kindly added whilst watching the highlights last night.

Kuyt was as always giving his all but some sloppy passes and poor tackles meant he was becoming ineffective. Kyrgiakos and Skrtel were caught fast asleep on several occasions and it was easy to see for any fan that something needed to change.

Forgive me for seeming like i am making a scapegoat but the man who was adding no improvement what so ever was clearly Christian Poulsen. Now don't get me wrong, as a player to come on from the bench and shore things up within a winning scoreline, then yes, he'd be fine. But causing more trouble than good in midfield against a threatening Blackpool side when we're 2-0 down, whilst forcing one of our most lively players out of position (Meireles) well it's just not happening for me.

Liverpool's goal didn't really add any positives to the game either after we had to have a free kick given to create it. Clearly wasn't a free kick but the air of desperation at the time meant i for one didn't care.

Steven Gerrard with a quick chipped cross into the area meant a storming Kyrgiakos could bash a header into the back of the net. Fantastic goal from the big Greek.

At this stage i didn't really care how shite he went on to play because unlike the other lot on the field, this man had just took one step to prevent us from being humiliated at home to a side who were supposed to be relegated from the Championship at one stage last season, not promoted.

All credit to Gerrard for the quick thinking too but the rest of his game, just like the others could have had improvements. The captain wasn't free from criticism for yesterdays game. Nobody was.

Hodgson at the hour mark was man enough to see one of his mistakes and took Poulsen off to bring on Jovanovic. At first glance i was very pleased but unfortunately Jova was very ineffective, i recall at least two of his balls into the box being a total waste and he just frustrated the hell out of me in the dying minutes. Nonetheless the switch freed up Meireles.

Liverpool were still looking slow and clearly becoming tired as the clock ticked down. The introduction of Maxi Rodriguez at 87minutes was too late to change things and we had to wait until literally the last moment for a respectable chance.

Kyrgiakos with another powerful header from close range was denied by Blackpool keeper Gilks and as the sound of the referees final whistle echoed around Anfield, fans began to try to take in what had just happened.

We all knew it was going to be a tough old season, but as tweeted by me yesterday, i thought i was prepared. Being absolutely desperate for a draw at Anfield against Blackpool is not something i was expecting.

As we sit in pit of the league it's hard not to begin to ask questions...

One thing i must make clear is that if you can't see by now the ominous effect that Tom Hicks and George Gillett are having on our club, namely off the field but clearly filtering on, then you are living in a dream world. How much longer fans can sit back, hide from the truth and watch their football club crumble before their eyes i do not know but if you do want to fight, join Spirit Of Shankly, buy the alternative shirt. It all helps send a vital message across - Tom & George are not welcome here and the sooner they leave, the better.

From the owners we trickle down to the managerial appointment and the shipping out of a perfectly capable manager. I stand by the fact that i do not want to jump on Roy's back because i seriously can't see what help it will do at this moment in time but i'm losing my rag. I can't stick up for a manager who's played his part in this Liverpool start. Never have i seen such dismal performances and results in the start to a season, admittedly i have only been a full on fan through the Houllier and Rafa days but i can recall some far worse players than Roy has and somewhere along the line, bad player performances or not, he has to take some of the blame.

Add to this of course the clear lack of heart from some of the lads, shown quite prominently yesterday, well it's almost as if some of them have given up. It's like they don't want to play for Roy and that is never a good attitude for the team to have, especially when you are lurking around in 18th with a massive game against Everton coming up.

As the famous line goes : "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high." unfortunately the storm appears to be a supercell and my head appears to be weighed down with disappointment, fear, disgust and several emotions, but we'll get through. Somehow.