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Dear Mr Hicks

With the international break on folks there isn't much to blog about during the course of this week/weekend...
Not pitch wise anyway but one thing i urge and ask you to do is view the below video directed by @mikejefferiesL4 and including a host of famous Liverpool fans, bloggers etc. The video is to help raise the awareness of what Hicks And Gillett have done to our club, how they have sucked all life from a proud footballing tradition without even an ounce of sympathy in their greed filled rampage.
Please, if it's the only thing you do after visiting my little old blog here, watch it, retweet it, facebook it, tumblr, msn, just spread it like wildfire.
The latest news of two apparent bids should not be putting you off the real aim here, until both those Americans have stepped foot onto their flights back home we must keep fighting for our club. Our Liverpool FC.

Liverpool Remain In Relegation Zone As Pressure Rises For Roy

No. It's not a dream folks, Liverpool after 7 games are in the relegation zone. Perched in the very undesirable 18th position above Wolves and West Ham with just 6 points despite having played beatable opposition in terms of Birmingham, Sunderland and now Blackpool.
Fernando Torres leaving the field spelt bad news for the Reds from the start but the lack of heart from the players, the unworkable set up from Roy, not to mention his forced move to use Carragher as a left back meant Liverpool in the end didn't deserve to win. Blackpool played well and i think it's important that we don't just highlight our poor display but give them credit.
Roy's XI was a bit of a mixture this time, as mentioned with all out natural left backs injured and usual recovery man Agger also out, he opted to push Carragher out to the left. Glen Johnson was on the right with Skrtel and Kyrgiakos in the centre and Reina in goal.
Midfield was made up of Meireles on the right (?…