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Off To Old Trafford

Reina trains on a snowy Melwood pitch...(Image courtesy of
So with the pressure most certainly at it's highest over Roy Hodgson's time at the club it's perhaps possible that we won't even have a manager for Sunday's FA Cup clash against bitter rivals Manchester United. Although it pains me to say it i reckon Sammy Lee might fancy giving it a pop in his one game in charge and doing Fergie's side over! Haha.
Assuming our new owners do what i am expecting though and wait until after the weekend to give their decision then we will in fact still be left with Hodgson. Yes we played pretty well at Old Trafford earlier in the season but after watching several more games i think it's quite evident that it was the players that rose to the occasion that day not necessarily Roy's quick thinking.
Nevertheless the occasion shall hopefully spur on the true Reds for Sunday's massive game. As much as i realise how important it is for us to focus on …

Boxing Day At Blackpool

If the match is off i say we all throw snowballs at Gary Neville...
Liverpool's Boxing Day trip to Blackpool may be off before we've even thought of who's going to be in the starting line up. Blackpool are the only Premier League club who don't have under soil heating. With well equipped grounds in the country already struggling to cope it's looking doubtful that Blackpool's pitch and surrounding areas will be usable/safe.
For this reason this match preview is going to be ridiculously short (yes that's right even shorter than usual! haha) although fingers crossed the game actually goes ahead.
Liverpool still have injuries to Carragher, Agger and Spearing. Captain Steven Gerrard was believed to be making his return against Fulham but after the match was postponed this still remains a mystery. Should the game go ahead on Boxing Day though you would like to think the number 8 will start.
Blackpool are holding out ok concerning injuries with their main men still av…

Houllier Returns To Anfield

I should imagine a nice reception awaits Houllier tomorrow...
Liverpool fans welcome back Gerard Houllier who gained the club 7 pieces of silverware in his time at Anfield. Nobody will will forget particularly his UEFA Cup win in 2001 and as a manager he was always well respected by both players and fans in his stint at the club.
Now at Aston Villa, he already has some flavours of Liverpool past under his belt with players such as Heskey, Friedel and Warnock who have all spent time with the Reds. Another familiar face also spending some quality time with Houllier is none other than Gary McAllister, who is also well aquainted with Anfield territory.
Currently Villa are not in the greatest of positions although Houllier's boys have managed to pull off respectable draws against tough opposition in the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United.
The only victory Villa have over Liverpool in the last 17 meetings between the clubs is a 3-1 win from right at the start of the 2009/2010 campaign. …

A Dash Of Red In A Sea Of Gold And Black

Okay, so I'll set the scene. It's about 4 o'clock when me, me fella aka Rich (Wolves), me mate Josh (Wolves) and my old friend from school Plim (Wolves) all show up at the pub of choice - actually half pub, half bowling alley, ready to get some drinks in and settle down for the build up.

After a few games of Match Of The Day and 1 vs 100 on the quiz machine and some deliberation, i decided the seats we had chosen were at a bit too bad of an angle for the liking of my neck. Not only this but shortly after i had sat down, a man at the table next to us decided to start chanting "Utd,Utd,Utd!" to which i muttered "shit" unfortunately, his mate realised and told him then it was the whole "did she just say shit?" so i said "yes", blah blah blah several moments later from the Manchester United?/Wolves fan? ... "So are you like a proper fan then?", "What dya reckon the result will be?" so on and so forth, i answered, he se…

The Beach Boy's Were In Town But Benitez's 11 Weren't Feeling Good Vibrations

Bad luck? Bad play? Just plain bad is all i can say. It appears that we have no excuses but to hold our hands up and admit that we were nowhere near up to scratch today. Benitez fielded let's say an interesting 11 after Gerrard and Torres were already ruled out the manager was also facing tiredness and fatigue from many players back from international duty. Benitez set out a 5-4-1 formation with three central defenders (Skrtel, Carragher,Agger) with Johnson & Aurelio positioned slightly further up the pitch. The midfield consisted of Spearing and Lucas in the heart of the line up with Benayoun and Babel on the wings and Kuyt the lone striker and of course Reina in goal.

Kick-Off and Liverpool are ready to try to turn around the smell of defeat with a victory at The Stadium Of Light. Sunderland get the game started and almost immediately the three central defenders are forced into action after a good move by Darren Bent. The striker at the moment is on fire and it simply wasn…

Liverpool 1 Leeds 0

May i start by saying this match was almost nothing like what i was expecting, i thought it would be end to end stuff but not in a sense that both teams would be goalless for the majority of the match, i thought this was going to be a scrappy affair with 4+ goals in the game. My prediction was way out, but never mind ay? I'm not mystic Meg.
So 9 changes made from the manager for this fixture which was unsurprising really.
Team sheet;

So Leeds got the start to our League Cup campaign underway. The first distinctive moment of the game was in fact a Leeds goal which was disallowed as it was claimed to be offside. I myself at first thought the referee had made a good decision but after seeing the clip several times now it is clear the referee had got it wrong. Both Beckford and Becchio were onside when the ball was played. The confusion was caused though as it first appeared Beckford had got a touch to the…