Clash Of The Titans

Fernando Torres Liverpool 2008/09 Nemanja Vidic Manchester United Manchester United V Liverpool (1-4) 14/03/09 at Old Trafford The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International
Just never stops being funny does it?! Hahaha!...

So once again we're here folks. The excitement, the nerves, the bubbling hatred for the likes of Gary Neville and Farty Fergie's extra chewing gob.

This kind of feeling only tends to come around twice a year and as much as it brings out the worst in me i can't help but absolutely love it. This is what football is all about, the banter, the biggest clubs and the memorable clash of world class players going all out against each other.

Of course tomorrow evening i could be in a total different state of mind, quite possibly depressed... But this is the roller-coaster ride that we all have tickets for due to being a Liverpool fan.

Liverpool are again still without regular members in this head to head - Dirk Kuyt & Fabio Aurelio. The lack of some experience could possibly be detrimental to the Reds but with Joe Cole back from his ban and having made a great performance on Thursday along with rested Gerrard, Carragher and Torres, Liverpool could have some sort of upper hand here.

Manchester United are without Valencia who is expected to be out for a large majority of the season after he fractured his left ankle in their game against Rangers. Carrick is also unavailable due to an achilles problem.

Tomorrow's referee could pose some serious questions from many a Liverpool fan but i think it's important for us all to not get into that whole "We always get shit refs" bollocks, really does my nut in that! Trust me, i've shouted and balled my head off at Howard Webb many a time but i hate being the fan that blames a result on the ref, only on very few occasions do i find that to be valid, so let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope Fergie hasn't paid him for 7minutes added time if it's a draw at the 90minute mark!

In all seriousness a draw would be a fantastic result for Liverpool and at the moment it seems a realistic approach. We all know that Rafa had a step by step guide on how to over turn the Mancs but we mustn't forget that old Roy also has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Ok, so his record at Old Trafford doesn't bode too well but he knows his way around a Fergie set up and with Torres and Gerrard in his poker hand this could be a good day for the ex Fulham boss.

Fernando Torres of course has his own record awaiting tomorrow, should he manage to net that brings him to four goals in four games against United which isn't bad at all! So there's the incentive for him. The likes of Carragher and Stevie don't need an incentive, they know what it means so with the added spirit from Reina and a solid defensive performance we could just be on to something here.

Liverpool can fall back on memories of the 4-1, the Vidic flat on his face, the 2-0, the 2-1, the Murphy days... Or they can simply create new one's tomorrow.

Whatever the outcome it is sure to be a game filled with excitement and probably several yellow cards and bad decisions. I don't mind what happens at the final whistle as long as it is entertaining and we don't get mauled!

And i trust and persuade anyone watching in the pubs tomorrow to give those bantering Mancs as good as they get! Haha.

And if you are one of us pioneering few wear your "Standards Corrupted" shirt with pride tomorrow! In recent light of Tom Hick's new dastardly plan of action we all need to continue the protest!

You can purchase your shirt at just £20 for all adult sizes and £15 for kids. Get on it!