Time To Leave Your Mark

Hey folks, just a short post giving you a heads up about a fantastic new website which is trying it's utmost to clean up football. As Liverpool fans we are all too familiar with the dangerous financial situation at our club, with the Premier League alone suffering massive debts it is time to get serious.

Oi! FA is a website not just for Liverpool FC fans but for fans of football clubs up and down the UK who are concerned about the current state of football, whether you are worried about your own club or just for the game in general, stop by and have your say.

It takes just two seconds to sign The Petition and it would be excellent if you could help spread the word, get your followers on Twitter or Facebook friends to spare a moment of their time for the benefit of the football club they love.

Oi! FA also has a Facts & Stats section where you can size up your clubs financial situation compared to any other club, with details being updated it is a great source of information.

They also have in line forums and many other ideas so show them some support and get your signature on that list, as a Liverpool fan it would be wrong not to.

For a more personal fight against the financial terrorists who are currently holding the reigns at our beloved football club, don't forget you can join Spirit Of Shankly.