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Top 5 Ex Reds You Love To Hate

As you'll probably remember, during last week I asked my readers on the blog and on Twitter to vote for their "Ex Reds" that they love to hate. Some hatred is evidently a bit tongue and cheek but when board members and previous owners are allowed onto the list, it's always going to get a bit heated.

Unsurprisingly those lovely leeches Hicks and Gillett topped the list followed by El Hadji Diouf, Fernando Torres, Michael Owen and Christian Purslow. So why are these five men, (well, six men really as H & G are a duo... though I'd question if either count as "men" after their shenanigans!) the top "Ex Reds" that you lot love to hate?

Christian Purslow
You voted him in at number 5, it's Christian Purslow.

With a middle name like Cecil you could be hated on that reason alone but Purslow ruffled a few feathers in his time on the Liverpool board.

He was made managing director in 2009 but before I get on to the bad I think Purslow has to be credit…

Update: Current LFC Sale Situation

(Above) Hicks & Colleagues pictured outside Dallas court last night...(Just can't soddin' kill him off can you?!?!)
Folks, forgive me if this is confusing but it's rushed and being typed by somebody who is slowly going insane.
If you were on your laptops/PC's last night as myself from 8o'clock awaiting for a positive outcome from the board meeting, things were going well to start with... John Henry had turned up, Broughton and Co still had beaming smiles from the victorious battle in High Court earlier in the day... It all seemed too good to be true...
That it was. Because just as we all thought we'd got rid of Mr Hicks, like an unwanted smell he reared his ugly head. With the backing of a Texas court and Dallas judge he filed a temporary injunction against the other board members, effectively stalling the sale to New England Sports Ventures.
So after just a nights sleep, we all wake up again this morning, waiting to read the latest saga and what do w…

Don't Open The Champagne Just Yet!

Liverpool fans celebrate outside High Court as the three victorious board members leave the hearing...
But be sure to go and find the cork screw.
Liverpool fans today can breathe a sigh of relief after the court ruled in favour of RBS and therefore in favour of Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre. Credit given when due, despite the past and problems we've had with some of the board members, i think we have to say "fair play" to the boys for going through this gruelling process and ultimately getting to the preferred outcome.
Of course after all Liverpool fans have been through in the past few years we know to be extremely cautious when welcoming our new owners, whoever they may be. But if they talk to the fans and work with us, our trust can be earned.
As things stand it seems likely that the bid made by New England Sports Ventures (Follow @John_W_Henry on Twitter) will be accepted in a board meeting planned for tonight at 8pm. However not to be ruled out is th…

Time To Leave Your Mark

Hey folks, just a short post giving you a heads up about a fantastic new website which is trying it's utmost to clean up football. As Liverpool fans we are all too familiar with the dangerous financial situation at our club, with the Premier League alone suffering massive debts it is time to get serious.
Oi! FA is a website not just for Liverpool FC fans but for fans of football clubs up and down the UK who are concerned about the current state of football, whether you are worried about your own club or just for the game in general, stop by and have your say.
It takes just two seconds to sign The Petition and it would be excellent if you could help spread the word, get your followers on Twitter or Facebook friends to spare a moment of their time for the benefit of the football club they love.
Oi! FA also has a Facts & Stats section where you can size up your clubs financial situation compared to any other club, with details being updated it is a great source of information.
They a…