Don't Open The Champagne Just Yet!

Liverpool fans celebrate outside High Court as the three victorious board members leave the hearing...

But be sure to go and find the cork screw.

Liverpool fans today can breathe a sigh of relief after the court ruled in favour of RBS and therefore in favour of Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre. Credit given when due, despite the past and problems we've had with some of the board members, i think we have to say "fair play" to the boys for going through this gruelling process and ultimately getting to the preferred outcome.

Of course after all Liverpool fans have been through in the past few years we know to be extremely cautious when welcoming our new owners, whoever they may be. But if they talk to the fans and work with us, our trust can be earned.

As things stand it seems likely that the bid made by New England Sports Ventures (Follow @John_W_Henry on Twitter) will be accepted in a board meeting planned for tonight at 8pm. However not to be ruled out is the rival bid made by Singapore business man Peter Lim who is said to be trying his best at the moment to urge the board to reconsider.

One thing we at least now know for certain is that Tom Hicks and George Gillett's life sucking, greed filled rampage is coming to an end. No more crippling debts, no more lies. We start a fresh.

What makes all this even more sweet to the tooth is that Hicks and Gillett have also been ordered to pay the court charges believed to be between £250,000-£500,000. As we have learnt with these two, they don't have feelings, the only place where they feel pain is when they are hit in the wallet, so how's about that for a nice big slice of karma?

You didn't have to try to stop the deal going through, and therefore didn't have to be involved in a court case so pay your fees, don't bother saying goodbye, and i just pray that you NEVER instill this anger, pain and damage onto another sports club and its fans again.

Don't know about you lot folks but if something is sorted at the board meeting tonight i will be having a nice drink to celebrate! (Cautiously of course.)

It's worth mentioning too that without organisations such as Spirit Of Shankly, Save Liverpool FC, fan movements such as the alternative shirt, well we wouldn't have got very far. The pressure put on particularly Purslow by such groups but also ensuring the message was clear to the owners means that we can claim success for fan power.

In the meantime folks, sit tight, start to look at the positives and hopefully i'll be back with an update post on the new ownership and a match preview for the Everton game by the end of the week.