Update: Current LFC Sale Situation

(Above) Hicks & Colleagues pictured outside Dallas court last night...
(Just can't soddin' kill him off can you?!?!)

Folks, forgive me if this is confusing but it's rushed and being typed by somebody who is slowly going insane.

If you were on your laptops/PC's last night as myself from 8o'clock awaiting for a positive outcome from the board meeting, things were going well to start with... John Henry had turned up, Broughton and Co still had beaming smiles from the victorious battle in High Court earlier in the day... It all seemed too good to be true...

That it was. Because just as we all thought we'd got rid of Mr Hicks, like an unwanted smell he reared his ugly head. With the backing of a Texas court and Dallas judge he filed a temporary injunction against the other board members, effectively stalling the sale to New England Sports Ventures.


So after just a nights sleep, we all wake up again this morning, waiting to read the latest saga and what do we have? Hicks apparently has sold his 50% share of the club to Mill Financial who already own Gillett's 50% share, so theoretically, if this is true, Mill Financial will own Liverpool FC by default if they pay off the debt owed to RBS.

I have no idea how legal systems work but if Hicks himself went off his head after half the board tried to sell the club almost from under him (although lawfully so) then surely he's being extremely contradicting by trying to shift his shares without letting any of the other members know and not now expecting them to take a fight to court.

Court seems to be a bloody popular word at the moment surrounding LFC and at 2pm today Broughton and the boys will be back there to try to overturn this temporary injunction preventing them from selling the club.

What i don't know is what happens next. If Broughton & Co win will they still be able to sell to NESV if Hicks has now apparently sold his shares to Mill Financial? Along with rumours that Mill Financial will be selling their 100% to another party this truly is impossible to follow.

Hopefully we get some more answers after 2o'clock and i shall try to return with a more readable and less confusing update.

Hang on in there folks! One way or another we've got to have the last laugh!

Press Association are reporting that Hicks has NOT sold his shares to Mill Financial. The plot thickens...