Well Red: Nice Spread.

Centre Spread: Rome 1977

Similar to what you expect from a decent buffet at some ageing relatives anniversary celebration, Well Red offers what you want on a platter and more...

The bread sticks provide the grass roots and security of knowledge and opinions, they know what they're doing, they've done it for years - just like Well Red's columnists.
The cheese dips provide you with the variety, the choices and the ability to make your own decision - just like the wide range of opinions and debates in this must have magazine for any Red.

And if you're lucky enough (as we are with Well Red) you sometimes get that extra special double chocolate gateau which provides that extra je ne sais quoi.

Well Red is not just your average outlet of media for Liverpool fans, it ties crucial facts and realism with opinions, banter and that sense that it is speaking to you as a fan. It is not saying what everyone wants to hear like the flickering white at the bottom of a Sky Sports News page... It is saying it how it is.

Well Red is the product of life long Red Gareth Roberts' imagination. As the editor of the magazine he also supplies a lot of the captivating articles, some of which in this issue unfortunately had a very depressing feel to them, despite this the magazine and Gareth's sole focus is to get it's point across at all costs and help educate the fans.

Gareth ensures that the bulky and possibly quite daunting section "They're Bleeding Us Dry" is focused and straight to the point, yes it makes some despondent reading but its what needs to be said. With a variety of articles and a mix of journalists it is a major tool for any Liverpool fan striving to understand the financial situation at the club. Gareth has also been generous enough to put up a free web version of this section of the mag that you can read here.

Other articles offer a more uplifting feel i.e. the Roy Evans big interview and a heartwarming story about a fans Father's boxing day mishap.

The sheer spectrum of writers in Well Red makes it very refreshing to read, with upcoming journalists such as Richard Buxton (@rbuxton87) and already established journalists such as Paul Tomkins (@paul_tomkins) - you get a real blend of writing and views.

Certain articles i feel will stand out
for anyone who picks up a copy of Issue 2 of Well Red and i personally thought the article by Kristian Walsh hit home hard. In times so difficult for the club and fans it really was one of those wake up and smell the coffee moments - a riveting read for any Liverpool fan.

Well Red also does a superb job of making outsiders still feel as involved as those who live two streets down from Anfield. With pieces on the global Liverpool fan base - no one is walking alone.

The layout and feel to the magazine is also gratifying. It isn't afraid to throw you big chunks of text because it is confident in the quality that is within those paragraphs. It balances titles and images well and it isn't scared to slap in the odd iconic page filling photograph.

What Well Red is, is an essential link to the fan base, it has no agenda, it simply puts down what needs to be said.

In this day and age when the internet is said to be killing off the newspaper, i have to say i can't really agree with that argument. Newspapers for sports fans, especially fans of Liverpool football club have been planning their own funeral for years - with their poor journalistic jabs at ex Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez and pathetic paragraphs of dribble from ex - Liverpool players such as Stan Collymore.

Well Red may have just created a new future for a Liverpool generation, as bold as it is of me to say so, i think the magazine already has so much support that it is fair enough for me to comment. I personally can't gather any reason as to why a Liverpool fan would not enjoy the independent Liverpool supporters' magazine.

For just £3 of your hard earned money (you don't need a leveraged buyout for this piece of LFC *coughcough* H&G) i would fully recommend this excellent magazine written by and for passionate Liverpool fans.

In my opinion there's only two choices, you should either fork out the cash and wait for Mr. Royal Mail to post something through your letterbox that is actually worth your attention or use it as your bus fare to Goodison Park - no returns.

You can purchase Well Red online at the following address - http://www.wellredmag.co.uk/buy.html

Well Red's editor Gareth Roberts also has a blog worth checking out - http://robbohuyton.blogspot.com/

And i'm sure he wouldn't mind you giving him a follow on Twitter - @robbohuyton