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Well Red: Nice Spread.

Centre Spread: Rome 1977
Similar to what you expect from a decent buffet at some ageing relatives anniversary celebration, Well Red offers what you want on a platter and more...
The bread sticks provide the grass roots and security of knowledge and opinions, they know what they're doing, they've done it for years - just like Well Red's columnists. The cheese dips provide you with the variety, the choices and the ability to make your own decision - just like the wide range of opinions and debates in this must have magazine for any Red.
And if you're lucky enough (as we are with Well Red) you sometimes get that extra special double chocolate gateau which provides that extra je ne sais quoi.
Well Red is not just your average outlet of media for Liverpool fans, it ties crucial facts and realism with opinions, banter and that sense that it is speaking to you as a fan. It is not saying what everyone wants to hear like the flickering white at the bottom of a Sky Sports News page..…