Borussia Moenchen(not-so-glad-to-be)bach

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Cole makes his debut...

Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carraghers return to football for the Reds ended with a loss yesterday after just the one goal split the two teams. Joe Cole was also allowed his debut and Glen Johnson was back too.

Cole had an impressive hour or so for Liverpool, particularly good in his ability to link up with captain Steven Gerrard. Other familiar faces for Liverpool such as Insua were also putting in respectable performances and the start from the Argentine raises new questions over his imminent future.

It took only 8minutes for the Germans to score after an unfortunate defensive error by Liverpool, Matmour was able to score what would be the winner for Borussia. They looked a stable side throughout, perhaps encouraged by some sloppy play by Liverpool after passes weren't always finding their way through but again as with all the pre season matches played, the Reds have nothing to be ashamed about.

With Reina, Kuyt, Torres and the like back in training today, my anticipation to truly get the season underway is ever growing. Despite the fact the football almost seems unimportant whilst we are still in this ownership crisis, i seem to be filled with a bewildering sense of optimism.

I think i'm basing it on the fact that because finishing in 7th this year would actually be summed up as acceptable, that means that anything better is a bonus, which to be honest as a Liverpool fan is a strangely refreshing place to be in. Don't get me wrong, of course i'd like to be back at the start of the 08/09 season knowing we could fight for the title, but the amount of pressure, the weight on the players shoulders... It's simply immense.

It will be interesting to see what a free Liverpool side can do, one with realistic expectations thrust upon them for a change.

Just to end on i would like to welcome Fabio Aurelio back to the Liverpool camp. Nice one Roy for chasing after what seemed like a lost cause. Great talent is Fabio.