Ignorant Remarks About Hillsborough Are Proof People Still Need To Be Educated

Alex Beam's quote - "..still agonizing over a 21-year-old soccer riot that killed 96 people" has angered thousands of Liverpool fans...

An American journalist writing for The Boston Globe has proven once again why it is vital Liverpool fans continue to strive and fight to educate people of the ins and outs of the Hillsborough tragedy and get justice for those 96 innocent football fans that lost their lives in April of 1989.

It really sickens me that this hasn't happened just once this year but on several occasions. The slipping of Hillsborough into a sentence is not something anyone in a writing job or job of importance should do. Unless you know your facts, you've been there and done the research, then just don't bother.

You are utterly disgracing the names of those 96 innocent people who's families still haven't been given closure.

Why on God's green earth these people feel the need to just tear to shreds the hearts and minds of Liverpool fans i do not know but it's becoming far too much of a regular occurrence.

As you all will have noticed surely being Twitterers when things like this happen our supporters do not take to it kindly and rightly so. I would never attempt to write an article about an American sports disaster without getting my facts right first and i would assume that an American journalist (Alex Beam) would treat me and every other Liverpool fan with the same respect.

So just for you Alex, Jeremy, Russell and the several others who think a simple "sorry" can brush off such a hurtful mistake, get yourself over to www.hdinfo.com and read.

Failing that i'm sure a meeting with the families of those that lost their lives on that lovely sunny day will fill you in on the true FACTS about Hillsborough.

The Daily Mails article on the breaking story - here.