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The 25th Anniversary Of The Hillsborough Disaster

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough disaster, with the inquests on going I hope the families can finally get some peace and closure after one of the biggest cover ups in English history.
It could have been any club on that sunny afternoon in April 1989. Football fans should stand together when remembering the 96 fans who lost their lives that day. Nobody should attend a football match and never return home.
Justice for the 96. #YNWA #DBTS

Post On Behalf Of EAD Solicitors Looking For Hillsborough Witnesses

I was contacted recently by a group of solicitors who were looking to reach people that were present at Hillsborough or were witnesses to the unfolding disaster. I clearly stated in my response to the solicitors that I did not reside in Liverpool but I did have followers/readers from the city and so I wanted to help them if I could. I've always felt it of utmost importance to oust the truth about Hillsborough, especially as somebody living in an area where a lot of people are STILL unaware of the real story and so if this helps in any way possible then fantastic.

If you feel as though you can help EAD with their enquiries or you know somebody that can then please do not hesitate to contact them. The following section of text is from EAD Solicitors

The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster is something that provokes strong emotions in the heart of most Merseyside citizens, if not the whole of the UK. However, it is an event that has yet to have a clear truth confined to the history books.   

Hillsborough 24 Years On

The TRUTH is finally out and justice WILL follow.
May the 96 Liverpool fans who tragically lost their lives at Hillsbrough rest in peace and may they never walk alone.
Always in our hearts & minds.


Persie Penalty Sinks Liverpool

Manchester United were the guests at Anfield on Sunday afternoon and on the whole both fans and staff helped Liverpool in their pre match releasing of balloons, giving of flowers and showing of mosaics. It was an emotional time for many present on Sunday none more so than for the families and respect was offered from the majority. Anfield and Liverpool Football Club did a tremendous job of marking the release of the truth.

Despite a lot of the focus being on Hillsborough and rightly so, there was still a football match to play and soon both sets of fans were showing that famed rivalry.

Brendan Rodgers resorted back to his last league line up for this one whilst Ferguson made a couple of changes and Giggs instead of Nemanja Vidic came out as captain.

Liverpool got off to a very lively start and it was clear the intention was to hit the ground running and attempt to grab an early goal. Whilst the Reds were creating several attacks and making sure a man was available for every pass, Man…

It's As Much About Respect As It Is About Football

On Sunday afternoon Liverpool welcome their fiercest rivals to Anfield. The two sides have met too many times to mention in their history and whilst the rivalry is something that cannot be compared to, on Sunday Anfield will appeal to everyone in the ground, just for a moment, to put that rivalry aside.

There's no point me hiding from the fact here on the blog the problems that may arise on Sunday, after all I've never hid anything and will always speak my mind. We all know that both sets of fans have a minority, a minority that for some bizarre reason are determined for the world to see how sick they are, how they have no sense of sympathy for the loss of football fans and players, effectively members of their own sporting family.

On Sunday there may well be some of the minority present but I know and I am confident that the majority will show the world that as football fans we can unite as one.

Both Alex Ferguson and Brendan Rodgers have appealed to their fans to be on thei…


23 years in waiting, 23 years just to be told the truth. Today, Wednesday 12th September, finally, the truth was revealed.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel produced a report after tirelessly and forensically sifting through over 450,000 documents and what they found was simply shocking.

Most Liverpool fans know very well what happened that day, the real truth, but the wider world does not. For 23 years the families, survivors and anyone affiliated with Liverpool Football Club have had mud slung at them.

"A lie can travel halfway round the world before the truth has put it's shoes on." as they saying goes but in the face of adversity the likes of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Hope For Hillsborough NEVER gave up.

People never understood, why were they still fighting? "Move on" they said, well today shows you why.

It was known that the report would be harrowing, shocking and despite the hurt some of the revelations …


Today we remember the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough on the 15th April 1989.
No football fan should attend a football match and not return home to their loved ones.
As the independent Hillsborough panel continue to sift through the thousands of documents, here's hoping we are edging closer to justice.
~96 Angels Who Will Never Walk Alone~

H.I.L.L.S.B.O.R.O.U.G.H - N.E.V.E.R. F.O.R.G.E.T

Links Article with @Ian_LFC apologies for images not showing up - HERE Last years post to mark Hillsborough on the blog, contains several very good links to posts about Hillsborough - HERE Don't Buy The Sun - HERE The Hillsborough Football Disaster - Context And Consequences - HERE

Hillsborough Debate & Rangers Friendly

A landmark day in the fight for justice when this evening Hillsborough was debated in the house of commons. A truly moving and inspirational opening speech by Steve Rotherham was applauded by the house and families watching in the gallery.

The home secretary has promised to release the files without making any changes to them and handing them over to the panel and the families. These groups will then be able to decide whether information will be taken out, i.e. medical records etc that would be no benefit to the public.
It's been 22 years since that fateful day in April of 1989 and nobody has ever given up hope on finding out the truth.
MP's from all over the country stood up in the house of commons this evening and made it clear that they all wanted the same thing, for the families to finally step that little bit more closer to the truth and to justice.
Here's hoping that once the panel have sifted through the masses of new information, the report that is released will f…

Petition To Release Hillsborough Documents

This is a sincere request to anyone reading, Liverpool fan or not.

You may have read on Twitter or seen in the news this week that the government are going to appeal against a ruling to release the documents and minutes from the meetings with Margaret Thatcher after the Hillsborough disaster.

Not only is it despicable that they are even trying to keep these documents a secret, it is sickening to think that the thought has crossed their minds. Unfortunately, it is true and if the government get their own way the families and friends of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Disaster will forever be in the dark.

There is one question and one question only you need to ask yourself; If there isn't anything incriminating or out of sorts in the documents, then why are they trying to stop the release of them?

To prevent the truth from being hidden once again please help by signing thise-petition it already has over 80,000 signatures and your name on the list would help enormously. Once you h…

Can Liverpool Break Their Emirates Curse?

Carragher helps reveal the new Liverpool away kit...
Liverpool are off to London tomorrow to face slim hopers Arsenal who are still in with a chance of grasping the title, more so mathematically than realistically but nonetheless the Gunnars will be looking for all 3 points.

Liverpool have never won at The Emirates but we've collected plenty of draws in the past. After the brilliant performance against Manchester City on Monday night it would be brilliant to finally bust the trend and turn Arsenal over on their own turf.

The emotional Hillsborough service yesterday will surely have taken it's toll on the players and also manager Kenny Dalglish but hopefully the lads have had chance to clear their heads and I'm sure they are up for the challenge tomorrow.

Injuries for Liverpool mean we are still without captain Steven Gerrard who was seen on crutches at the memorial service yesterday. Also with him was Daniel Agger who is out for the rest of the season after a knee injury. M…

Justice For The 96

Ian's actual match ticket for the Leppings Lane end...
For this year's Hillsborough anniversary i am proud to say that i have paired up with Ian from PassionatelyRED (@Ian_LFC) to make a blog post. At this surely emotional time i would like to thank Ian for bringing up this idea and helping me make a post which will hopefully reach a few people and help educate them about the disaster. Without further ado i shall hand you over to Ian...

It is an incredible twenty two years on but it still feels like yesterday to me.  I was one of the lucky ones; I survived the hell that was Hillsborough Disaster.  Meanwhile ninety six fellow football fans died on the Leppings Lane terrace.

I was there – you can read about that here PassionatelyRed – Still Hurting After all These Years . But the focus of this blog, on which Kirsty has kindly agreed to collaborate with me, is to continue the call for justice for the people lost and their families.

That nobody has been prosecuted for their failing…

Ignorant Remarks About Hillsborough Are Proof People Still Need To Be Educated

Alex Beam's quote - "..still agonizing over a 21-year-old soccer riot that killed 96 people" has angered thousands of Liverpool fans...
An American journalist writing for The Boston Globe has proven once again why it is vital Liverpool fans continue to strive and fight to educate people of the ins and outs of the Hillsborough tragedy and get justice for those 96 innocent football fans that lost their lives in April of 1989.
It really sickens me that this hasn't happened just once this year but on several occasions. The slipping of Hillsborough into a sentence is not something anyone in a writing job or job of importance should do. Unless you know your facts, you've been there and done the research, then just don't bother.
You are utterly disgracing the names of those 96 innocent people who's families still haven't been given closure.
Why on God's green earth these people feel the need to just tear to shreds the hearts and minds of Liverpool fans i do…

Educate The Ignorant

Russell Hawker is clearly a very ignorant and uneducated man, in case you haven't seen his recent tweets about the Hillsborough disaster i shall put the print screen below (click to enlarge). To cut a long story short, the man believes that the root cause of Hillsborough was hooliganism. Wrong.

I personally don't see why this man should get any rest, after all, he clearly hasn't learnt anything from the years of fighting for justice.If you would like to help educate Mr Russell Hawker feel free to tweet him @russellhawker
Better still e.mail him -
I found that to be the better option due to my disgust not fitting into 140 characters although Mr Russell feels 140 characters is adequate to crush the hearts of the Hillsborough victims families and anyone involved. My email is below. Say how you feel but don't stick your foot in it and get personal and offensive. Any amount of emails will never equal the suffering of those affected by Hillsborou…

Hillsborough: Never Forget.

Anfield covered in scarves, shirts and flowers...
Tomorrow marks the 21st anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. On April the 15th 1989, thousands of Liverpool supporters on a beautiful April afternoon made their way to Sheffield to watch their beloved football club play in the FA Cup semi final.
Nobody that morning when they set out to the game though could begin to imagine the horror that would unfold.
96 Liverpool fans lost their lives that day, 96 friends, 96 people who were a Mother, a Father, a Daughter, a Son, a Grandad, a Grandma, a Sister, a Brother, a Cousin, a Soul Mate, a Friend. 96 people went to a football match that day and never returned.
In the 21st century, a disaster so heartbreaking and so preventable is tragic. To make things worse, those 96 friends were not mourned respectfully or with decency. Families were not offered compassion, they were offered lies.
Still to this day, justice for the families and friends of those 96 has not been done.
I was not brought up in …