Petition To Release Hillsborough Documents

This is a sincere request to anyone reading, Liverpool fan or not.

You may have read on Twitter or seen in the news this week that the government are going to appeal against a ruling to release the documents and minutes from the meetings with Margaret Thatcher after the Hillsborough disaster.

Not only is it despicable that they are even trying to keep these documents a secret, it is sickening to think that the thought has crossed their minds. Unfortunately, it is true and if the government get their own way the families and friends of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Disaster will forever be in the dark.

There is one question and one question only you need to ask yourself; If there isn't anything incriminating or out of sorts in the documents, then why are they trying to stop the release of them?

To prevent the truth from being hidden once again please help by signing this e-petition it already has over 80,000 signatures and your name on the list would help enormously. Once you have signed please remember to check your emails for a confirmation and then click the link to verify your signature.

Thank you.

Justice For The 96.