Educate The Ignorant

Russell Hawker is clearly a very ignorant and uneducated man, in case you haven't seen his recent tweets about the Hillsborough disaster i shall put the print screen below (click to enlarge). To cut a long story short, the man believes that the root cause of Hillsborough was hooliganism. Wrong.

I personally don't see why this man should get any rest, after all, he clearly hasn't learnt anything from the years of fighting for justice.If you would like to help educate Mr Russell Hawker feel free to tweet him @russellhawker

Better still e.mail him -

I found that to be the better option due to my disgust not fitting into 140 characters although Mr Russell feels 140 characters is adequate to crush the hearts of the Hillsborough victims families and anyone involved. My email is below. Say how you feel but don't stick your foot in it and get personal and offensive. Any amount of emails will never equal the suffering of those affected by Hillsborough so click send...

"Good morning Mr Hawker,

Quite a lovely morning isn't it? Warm, sunny, just the start to a lovely day that you would wish for.

Perhaps showing similarities to that lovely sunny April morning when 96 football fans made their way to watch their beloved football club play in what should have been one of the most exciting games of that season, young boys, daughters and mothers, grown men, but I'm sure you know all this don't you after supposedly reading the Taylor Report.

How on gods green earth you can sit back and tweet things with such ignorance is beyond me but the fact that you actually do believe that hooliganism was the root cause of Hillsborough, (and i can quote that from the saved picture of your removed tweets should you wish me to) is disgraceful.

Pushing occurred there is no doubt about it, but i ask you Sir, if you were with your daughter in a crowded tunnel after not being directed properly to your seat or designated area, despite the fact you had entered the ground peacefully and happily, excited about the game, are you telling me rather than attempt to get yourself and your daughter to safety, to an area just so you can catch a breath you would not do it?

Hillsborough was nothing, NOTHING to do with hooliganism. Liverpool fans have taken enough slack for Heysel and they accept it but to try to rub the blame again on fans who were using broken advertising boards to try to save peoples lives whilst being subject to the opposition fans and the polices same train of thought that you have Sir, that they were just causing trouble, well quite frankly it makes me sick.

I wonder if you would be able to compose yourself enough to go and visit some of the families within the Hillsborough Family Support Group, look them in the eye and tell them that you believe their son died because he was involving himself in hooliganism, or that the other fans around him caused his death because of hooliganism. You claim that you sympathise with the victims so why dishonour them in such a way that you brush off the total mismanagement of the entire match, the poor police organisation, the way you see it it was only the part of the problem.

Well, you are quite simply wrong. If you have the guts to i suggest you speak to some of the victims families, go speak to some Liverpool fans, go and sit at Anfield at 3:05 on the 15th April and for christ sake read some valid information from the people that matter.

I acknowledge the fact that you have apologised but it's far too little far too late.

So have a look out the window this morning on the way to work and enjoy the sunshine, 96 angels will never see the sunshine again, i hope the thought hits home hard for you and that you turn in your sleep because if i was you i would be utterly disgraced with my comments and i would be sensible enough to bury my head in the sand after completely re-opening the wounds of all the people who were involved in or affected by Hillsborough.

Your obviously a man with little heart or sympathy, little education and you take little thought into what you say, I'm a true believer in "what goes around comes around" so one day, somehow i should imagine you will get your comeuppance.


A true human being."