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Educate The Ignorant

Russell Hawker is clearly a very ignorant and uneducated man, in case you haven't seen his recent tweets about the Hillsborough disaster i shall put the print screen below (click to enlarge). To cut a long story short, the man believes that the root cause of Hillsborough was hooliganism. Wrong.

I personally don't see why this man should get any rest, after all, he clearly hasn't learnt anything from the years of fighting for justice.If you would like to help educate Mr Russell Hawker feel free to tweet him @russellhawker
Better still e.mail him -
I found that to be the better option due to my disgust not fitting into 140 characters although Mr Russell feels 140 characters is adequate to crush the hearts of the Hillsborough victims families and anyone involved. My email is below. Say how you feel but don't stick your foot in it and get personal and offensive. Any amount of emails will never equal the suffering of those affected by Hillsborou…