Hillsborough Debate & Rangers Friendly

A landmark day in the fight for justice when this evening Hillsborough was debated in the house of commons. A truly moving and inspirational opening speech by Steve Rotherham was applauded by the house and families watching in the gallery.

The home secretary has promised to release the files without making any changes to them and handing them over to the panel and the families. These groups will then be able to decide whether information will be taken out, i.e. medical records etc that would be no benefit to the public.

It's been 22 years since that fateful day in April of 1989 and nobody has ever given up hope on finding out the truth.

MP's from all over the country stood up in the house of commons this evening and made it clear that they all wanted the same thing, for the families to finally step that little bit more closer to the truth and to justice.

Here's hoping that once the panel have sifted through the masses of new information, the report that is released will finally help us all understand what happened before, during and after the Hillsborough disaster.

~Justice For The 96~

In other news for Liverpool a friendly with Rangers is due to take place tomorrow at Ibrox. Even though it's a friendly and quite clearly Dalglish won't be starting his regular players, it could be interesting.

Charlie Adam who is familiar with Rangers however said he is "...looking forward to it." and that "...it's not very often you get the opportunity to go back and play against your former club."

As you can probably understand with friendlies, there's not as much to write about but I'll probably get up some sort of round up after the game.