Benjani Brace Helps Blackburn To Victory

He's in a Premier League sack race, don't worry, there will be no egg and spoon race to follow...

Well, where do i start? The predictable reintroduction of the bumbling Paul Konchesky? The fact that Blackburn put three goals past us? Or the familiar scene of Roy on the sidelines brushing his face with his fingertips?

Fact is, i don't know where to start, perhaps the beginning, middle and end layout for my regular blog posts can be scrapped and i'll just start at the Gerrard goal and forget everything else happened?

I'm past the point of caring now and i must say it's a horrible feeling. To get to a stage where i honestly do not even care that we've lost or a more accurate description may be that i am no longer surprised... Well it's a sad day in my time as a Liverpool fan.

I could waste sentences on getting into the whole Roy Hodgson argument but i won't bore you with my rant like nonsense. What i will say is that now, surely even he can see it is time to move on. Roy Hodgson + Liverpool FC = Unworkable relationship.

Blackburn had a massive injury list and were missing many first teamers but it didn't stop them putting a drab Liverpool side to shame. Their first goal came just after the half hour mark from inside the penalty area courtesy of Martin Olsson.

At this stage (as mentioned earlier) there was no element of surprise it was just "Oh, here we go again." We've been utterly shite away from home this season but by the end of the 90minutes i'm pretty sure we'd reached a new level.

Roy's Boys couldn't even hold on until half time before letting in another goal and this time it was a skillful turning of Kyrgiakos that meant Benjani was able to put his side two nil up.

Kyrgiakos got done, big time, he's still a top defender and i love the guy but i'm baffled as to why Daniel Agger who had a great game last match was dropped? For a starters he surely needs all the game time he can get after his long time out with injury and secondly his attacking influence on the game would have surely helped the lads in a game against Blackburn?... Oh wait, Roy doesn't like to attack really does he? Especially not with an intuitive defender, he much rather prefers the hoof it method and remain in your position.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes the hope for the best and hoof it method works (hence why i still love Carragher despite his critics coming out the woodwork) but i don't think there's a fan in the land that would deny the influence Agger surely would have had last night.

Moving on into the second half Roy Hodgson appeared to see his mistake and took off Kyrgiakos for Agger. Now fair play for him introducing the player we all wanted to start but it perhaps would have been more effective without the two nil deficit? Just another case of Hodgson's delayed reactions i suppose.

I'm sure i've said this before but i always thought with Hodgson's variety of clubs and players managed he would at least be able to see mistakes and players who aren't working/fitting in, staring him in the face, but i was wrong.

Just before the hour mark and Blackburn brought their tally up to three. A close range shot from Benjani sent the home fans crazy who surely even with Liverpool's recent poor performances couldn't believe they were 3-0 up against the Reds.

By now we truly were out of it, not like we weren't out of it after about ten minutes in like but we all knew there was going to be no Istanbul style come back here.

Ryan Babel was brought into play at 77minutes with Ngog leaving the field. Babel as i have always said frustrates me but i feel he works better in a 4-4-2 system or when he's sitting off the striker rather than the partnership of Torres and Ngog.

Babel proved his worth in this set up when he started with Ngog against Aston Villa, so maybe it's just the Fernando Torres factor in the 4-4-2 ideology that doesn't work? If that's the case though i fear we still need to build the attack around him and still can't afford to sacrifice the Spaniard whether he's in form, out of form or scoring hat tricks for the fun of it.

Steven Gerrard managed to get Liverpool on the score sheet with a nice goal smashed from a small distance out. No real celebration from the captain who was now in true Gerrard style trying to get a point for the Reds single-handedly.

What followed was more surprising, after Gerrard was brought down in the box, he stepped up to the penalty spot with intent, even if he had of managed to put it in the back of the net it would had been a sheer miracle for the third goal to have been found. The captain sent his penalty over the bar. It was horrible to watch a man trying so hard miss a penalty at that time, you can't net them all though i suppose and to be fair to him, he rarely does miss.

A header in the dying minutes from Torres was a last gasp attempt at a consolation but it wasn't to be for Liverpool. Another embarrassing defeat means we are now in 12th place just 4 points above the drop zone.

I can't personally see any real way forward until we have in place a new manager, i'm not one of these people who has a list of names i'd like and i quite honestly can't think who would be best suited for us but all i know is that Liverpool are not moving forward and a change needs to be made in order for that to happen.

Until then, forgive me for my lacking in optimism because it's truly all been drained out of me now.

Not going to stop me acting like i think we can batter the Mancs on Sunday though, can't let those divs cotton on to me being scared of Fergie's boys now can i?

Miracles happen?... Fingers tightly crossed.