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Benjani Brace Helps Blackburn To Victory

He's in a Premier League sack race, don't worry, there will be no egg and spoon race to follow...
Well, where do i start? The predictable reintroduction of the bumbling Paul Konchesky? The fact that Blackburn put three goals past us? Or the familiar scene of Roy on the sidelines brushing his face with his fingertips?
Fact is, i don't know where to start, perhaps the beginning, middle and end layout for my regular blog posts can be scrapped and i'll just start at the Gerrard goal and forget everything else happened?
I'm past the point of caring now and i must say it's a horrible feeling. To get to a stage where i honestly do not even care that we've lost or a more accurate description may be that i am no longer surprised... Well it's a sad day in my time as a Liverpool fan.
I could waste sentences on getting into the whole Roy Hodgson argument but i won't bore you with my rant like nonsense. What i will say is that now, surely even he can see it is time …