Torres Nets In Blackpool Defeat

Meanwhile, in Fernando Torres' head... "Just ignore Skrtel... If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all..."

Liverpool fell to defeat yesterday as Blackpool with their 2-1 victory completed a league double over the Reds. Perhaps at fault directly was the poor defensive display from Liverpool and a sloppy midfield who were clearly suffering without Steven Gerrard. Despite all of this i think it's important to note that not many of us realistically expected three points anyway, previous matches with or without Hodgson have proved changes needed to be made.

The difference is however, i feel comfortable and confident in giving that all important "time" to Kenny Dalglish whereas i feared for my life as a football fan when handing more weeks to Roy Hodgson.

My only real problems with Dalglish's chosen line up were firstly the starting of Poulsen but given the circumstances he didn't have too many choices for the centre of midfield but in all honesty i'd have preferred to see Meireles there and then maybe of sat Babel off Torres or something. The only other problem i thought was the starting of Glen at left back, again i would have just started Aurelio personally and kept Kelly where he was too.

It doesn't matter though because as Dalglish said post match he believes the mistakes made in last nights game can be sorted on the training pitch and i too believe that to be the suitable solution. Dalglish of course is only two games in and his first match was nothing to frown at.

The first positive for Liverpool was to see Fernando Torres get himself a goal, this season he appears to be having larger gaps between scoring, we know he can't always score all the time but we bloody love it when he does!

A superb ball from Martin Kelly set Torres up perfectly who with a run into the box fizzled a strong shot from a tight angle into the Blackpool net. We were only three minutes in and we'd already scored! Could it be too good to be true? ... Yes. It was.

Blackpool got their equalizer some 7minutes later courtesy of Gary Taylor-Fletcher, a poor pass from midfield was quickly intercepted and from here on in it was a Liverpool shambles. Skrtel was caught off guard and despite Agger's best efforts a clever dummy set the Blackpool player up to slip the ball past keeper Pepe Reina.

Blackpool on level par were now at their most dangerous, they never class themselves out of a game whether you're Manchester United or West Ham so when they found themselves level against Liverpool they were only increasing their confidence levels.

The Reds on the other hand appeared to be buckling, it's no secret that Liverpool have been lacking in confidence of late and missing that little bit of cockiness. Afterall, we are Liverpool FC we should be feared, not fancied to get beat, but of course we can't fall back on the club name anymore as the performances no longer back it up.

Point being that unfortunately at 1-1 Liverpool were quite literally bricking it, with no Carragher or Gerrard to inspire the lads the only other player for me who can add confidence is Pepe Reina but he had his work cut out preventing Blackpool from going in front, he had no time to help instruct the defence.

A Maradona style moment from Milan Jovanovic had Liverpool fans out their seats momentarily as the Serbian entered deep into the Blackpool box but the number 14 was booked for hand ball.

Half time was reached with neither side adding to their tally but it was certainly Blackpool who were looking more likely.

It took them until the 70minute mark but sure enough the Tangerines put themselves ahead with a goal from DJ Campbell. No he doesn't do Mathew Street on a Friday night! I just don't like calling him Dudley!

Yet again Liverpool should be disappointed with their defensive efforts, the amount of space Campbell had was ridiculous and the time he had to get his header in? Well if he'd of missed it would have been a travesty.

It wasn't a totally poor performance from Liverpool and i think importantly it's clear to see Torres already looks refreshed with the influence Dalglish has given him. The defence clearly needs work and perhaps the experience/instructions of Jamie Carragher back but Kenny can sort that one out i'm sure.

As for the midfield, i think they just had on of those days, in the worst kind of way possible.

Of course with Everton at the weekend this kind of display is extremely worrying but thankfully performances and form go out the window for the Merseyside derby, the lads will no doubt be up for an intense battle as always.

There is a slight problem though, i hear Howard Webb is refereeing...

Odds on Babel tweeting a picture of him post match in an Everton shirt? And perhaps a Fellani wig? Hahaha.