102nd Minute Penalty Grabs Liverpool A Point

Awful sight: Jamie Carragher out cold after collision with Flanagan...

Liverpool gave 110% yesterday in a hard fought battle at the Emirates. With the thoughts looming from some fans of handing United the title it was nice to see the lads were on the same wavelength as myself and were going to strive to get the better over Arsenal.

It's a shame some fans wanted us to hand Arsenal a boost because to be honest, Arsenal have been victims of their own downfall, if we drew, lost or won yesterday Arsenal have already made so many mistakes and will probably continue to do so.

The same side put out by Dalglish would quickly become disorganised for Liverpool as the bad luck continued injury wise.

Just 20 minutes in and an injury to Fabio Aurelio who has only just come back to fitness meant he had to be replaced with youngster Jack Robinson. The teenager made an appearance at the end of last season making him the youngest to ever feature in a Liverpool first team.

With John Flanagan playing as the other full back Liverpool now had a very different looking defence. For 20 minutes the back four along with inspired performances from Spearing and Lucas kept Arsenal from putting anything past Reina.

For fans looking on, especially neutrals, the constant attacks from Arsenal looked like they may begin to take their toll on the defence. But Flanagan and Robinson were fearless, getting stuck in and flying in for tackles, the Emirates couldn't believe it. At one stage Robinson even showed Walcott a taste of his own medicine after pumping some pace into a run that the Arsenal winger would be proud of.

Arsenal's best chance of the first half was a header cleared by the cross bar. The defence and Reina were beaten and this could have been dangerous had it given Arsenal the lead with Liverpool under the cosh.

Half time was a bonus for Liverpool who looked like they needed the fifteen minutes. As good as we were in keeping the Gunnars at bay we weren't providing much in terms of attack. Attempts to get the ball up to Carroll were sometimes more detrimental than beneficial.

Early into the second half and the Reds appeared to have rectified their problems in attack when an attempt from Luis Suarez was sent just wide.

An hour in though and things took another turn for the worse. Jamie Carragher was knocked out cold after a clattering with John Flanagan's head. Horrible to watch and very scary for any player. Thankfully the number 23 was ok and apparently appeared in the tunnel at the final whistle. Hopefully he'll be ready and raring to go next match.

On came Sotirios Kyrgiakos and now the only one left in the regular back four set up was Martin Skrtel, Arsenal probably thought they would be gifted a goal with this much of a shake up but Soto is experienced and he continued as did the other 3 to block out Wenger's boys.

Just ten minutes later and Andy Carroll had seen enough, an awkward landing earlier in the match saw him twist his ankle and i think as a precautionary method Dalglish replaced the number 9 with Jonjo Shelvey.

Shelvey was now the fourth youngster on the pitch who last season wouldn't have stood a chance but all the lads put in a spectacular display alongside the regulars.

Wenger brought on Arshavin and Bendtner with 20 minutes still to go in an attempt to strengthen Arsenal's quantity in attack with the hope of some quality.

As we all know Arshavin quite fancies a goal against Liverpool but even with the fresh legs Arsenal still struggled to make a real impact in open play.

It took until the 7th minute off added time for things to change. A penalty decision after a clumsy Spearing tackle gave Arsenal a glimmer of hope. Van Persie sent his effort low to the right of Pepe Reina and the Arsenal fans thought for sure they had just bagged 3 very important points in the title race.

With the time added on after the celebrations and the booking for Van Persie removing his shirt though Liverpool had other ideas.

A free kick on the edge of the box from Suarez saw the ball remain in the area, Lucas received the ball and after a push from Eboue Liverpool were unbelievably handed their own penalty.

Some people think it was a penalty, if I'm honest i don't think it really was but the fact is Eboue had no need or reason there to even go anywhere near Lucas was what swayed it. Lucas was running away from goal and the chances of us whipping in a threatening ball after going 100minutes without any real chances was low. Eboue should have left it and just the slight push plus the way he fell on top of Lucas was enough to encourage the referee, on another day though i could see that case being denied.

Dirk Kuyt, the man i popped a quid on stepped up for the penalty. A confident strike saw Liverpool grab a point and left Arsenal wondering where they went wrong.

Emphatic celebrations from the whole team was great to see once again. At this stage i had jumped off my chair in the pub, bouncing up and down with some quality fans who were near the big screen with me. We felt vindicated after shouting all sorts at the tele when Arsenal had their penalty.

It was a penalty i thought but there was no way after grafting for 97minutes that Liverpool deserved to lose.

Somewhat unfortunately but hilariously at the same time the highlight of the game appears to be the clash between Arsene Wenger and Kenny Dalglish at the end.

Wenger already moaning as he walks over to Dalglish prompts a reaction from the Reds manager. Still approaching each other it appears Wenger makes another comment, i assume about the penalty decision to which Dalglish waves his hand in the air and apparently shouts "Piss off".

I personally thought it was hilarious and as the man said himself, we shouldn't get so worked up over what managers say to each other.

All these people on Twitter bringing up the slating Rooney got, well that's just ridiculous, for a starters Rooney swore directly down a camera after scoring a hat trick. A time when you are supposed to be happy, Dalglish swore at another manager after a disgruntled approach. I'm not saying swearing is right, of course it's not and I'm sure Dalglish is regretful but people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

If he's punished fair enough, those are the rules but I've seen the likes of Ferguson and Warnock just to name a couple of examples swear at managers and officials on an almost match by match basis so all of you that think otherwise can piss off!

Roll on Birmingham!