"The Liver Bird" 21 Questions

Hi folks, I just thought it would be a good idea to do a little blogger Q&A to help you learn a bit more about The Liver Bird and about me the author. If you've read my "About Me" section and follow me on Twitter then you'll already know the basics but I figured it would be a nice little post to fill up the gaps what with us all waiting for the football season to fully start!

So here goes...

1) Blogging since...

September 2009.

2) Was there any event, incident or anecdote in your life that pushed you to start blogging?

I'd just finished my A Levels and had a lot more spare time on my hands. I'd always been a fan of reading blogs, especially about Liverpool, loved trawling through the forums too and eventually figured, why don't I give it a shot?

3) Did you follow any blog before creating yours?

I didn't really follow any as I wasn't publicly signed up to any site that allowed me to do so but I often read blog posts after Google searches.

4) What is the reason behind the name of your blog?

Well of course firstly, The Liver Bird is a symbol of Liverpool football club, it also was a play on the fact that I am a female blogger and a lot of men, especially football fans use the nickname "bird" for the ladies.

5) Do your family and friends know about your blog?

They do. To be honest I don't think half of them realise how involved I am now in making sure I get posts up on time but all my friends know and my fella. Most of my family know but I'm pretty sure my Mom and Dad don't even know what blogging is!

6) Favorite time of the day to write posts?

Usually afternoon/tea time. I don't mind writing at night but I'm never as focused and I always if possible try to sleep after a result so i can clear my head and not be too bias, especially if the result was a bad one.

7) Longest hiatus between posts?

I don't actually know, I'm pretty sure I've never left it longer than 2 weeks since starting.

8) Have you set any goal about your blog? Anything you want to achieve with it?

I have no real goal no, I'm already amazed at how well my ramblings on my beloved football club have been received. I just truly enjoy blogging, it keeps me occupied and i love hearing peoples opinions and thoughts after a game, my blog is just one way I spark up those conversations.

9) Do you believe it has some kind of social function?

I wouldn't describe my blog as being a social "function" no but I do try to write in a sociable way so that anyone reading can flow through it at ease, it's more of a chat than an in depth report usually.

10) What would put an end to your blog?

I hope to keep it going as long as possible, in terms of the near future there isn't any real reason as to why I should or would have to stop, college and university work may start taking up a lot more of my time but I'm pretty sure I can set aside an hour or so to update.

11) Do you have or consider having more than one blog?

No, I only have this blog, Liverpool is one of the only things in life I think I could blog about really, most other things I'm interested in I have people around me who are also interested in that subject. With Liverpool it's different, I struggle where I live to find people I can have a real conversation with about the football club I'm so passionate about, so my blog really is a way to vent my opinions. Plus, having two blogs would take far too much of my life away!

12) You follow more a) personal blogs, b) news blogs, c) thematic blogs.

I'd say a).

13) You tell yourself you need to a) "post/comment less", b) "post/comment more", c) "post less, comment more", d) "post more, comment less".

I'd say b) post/comment more, I don't comment any where near as much as I should but then again I don't receive too many comments, usually people tweet me their thoughts. I also would like to try to post some more but usually I just stick to the routine of previews and reports.

14) Have you ever stepped back and deleted things after posting?

I don't think so, no.

15) Have you refused to publish any comment? Why?

No, comments do not have to have my approval at the moment.

16) Has Twitter changed anything about your blogging habits?

I signed up to Twitter shortly after I created my blog and I can safely say without it my blog would have crashed and burned. In terms of changing my blogging habits, it hasn't. I think Twitter as a micro blog and running a full blog are two things that go hand in hand together.

17) Has Facebook changed anything about your blogging habits?

No, I keep my Facebook personal, I have a Facebook fan page for the blog but that doesn't affect my habits really apart from having to post my new updates there.

18) Do you ever wonder if you're disclosing too many personal details?

No, my blog doesn't really require me to post personal details.

19) Do you feel like a blog star?

No, but I do feel privileged to have so many wonderful readers and followers!

20) Do you conceive blogging without the help of Google Images or YouTube?

I think most bloggers use those tools, even though some don't like to admit it.

21) Have you lied in this questionnaire?

No, what would be the point in that?

If you would like to ask a question about The Liver Bird then please feel free to tweet me, anyone new to blogging and looking for tips and tricks too, never hesitate to ask, I'll always do my best to help!

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